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A match or round of a knockout competition that precedes the semi-final.
  1. as modifier 'Carrick are in contention for a quarter-final place'
  2. 'Germany will next play the US in the quarter-final of the World Cup finals on Friday.'
  3. 'On a night when his team needed goals to reach the quarter-finals, their lack of a deadeye striker cost them dear.'
  4. 'If we win and end up in second position we get a home game in the quarter-finals.'
  5. 'Even should they lose in the quarter-finals, it is that match, not the France game, that will be remembered.'
  6. 'The Portuguese and the French are due to meet in the quarter-finals and the winner is likely to come from that match.'
  7. 'Not many coaches have led a team into the quarter-finals of a World Cup, so I'm satisfied.'
  8. 'We played home and away quarter-finals and then just two matches: semi-final and final.'
  9. 'The good news for Idle is they meet Baildon again in the quarter-finals of the competition.'
  10. 'To be honest, though, we have done our job in getting top of the group and whoever we play is going to be a tough game in the quarter-finals.'
  11. 'Meanwhile Britain's Ross Edgar was knocked out of the quarter-finals of the men's sprints.'

More definitions

1. of or relating to the contest or round preceding the semifinal one. noun

2. a quarterfinal contest or round.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be quarterfinals."

"weekends can be quarterfinals."