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A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
  1. 'Perhaps the best way to put this is simply to say it exactly as the question is worded.'
  2. 'I must however add a few words regarding how the question is to be approached and answered.'
  3. 'They refuse to answer questions adequately; they refuse to provide detailed information.'
  4. 'They want all information relevant to their question so they can formulate an answer.'
  5. 'Here is some background information that may help answer the questions.'
  6. 'She lets Chomsky answer these tough questions in his own words.'
  7. 'Organisers of both courses will be there on the evening to provide information and answer questions.'
  8. 'Curiously, you might not actually perceive this as a question designed to elicit information.'
  9. 'Interested parents are invited to come along to the meeting this evening to ask questions and gather information.'
  10. 'I believe that only he would have the information to answer the questions that I would pose.'
  11. 'there's no question that the company's true financial situation is different'
  12. 'This would raise even more questions about the validity of the use of an MLAT, and the Home Office's involvement in it.'
  13. 'Yet this must surely raise questions over the validity of the prize itself.'
  14. 'I will return to the question of scientific validity at the end of my reply.'
  15. 'Will his violation raise questions about the validity of his case for a spot in the Hall of Fame some day?'
  16. 'He was always certain that when he met the right woman there would be no lingering doubts or questions.'
  17. 'At that time we had a lot of questions as to the validity of that information.'
  18. 'It left Bradford coach Brian Noble fuming and many others raising questions about the validity of the player's actions.'
  19. 'She was not prepared to give even the benefit of the doubt over the question of the mob's fighting prowess.'
  20. 'Edward was the only one she obeyed without question'
  21. 'But I also believe that that support should not be given without question in all circumstances.'
  22. 'Their technical abilities have always been beyond question, but it takes more that pure skill to make a ballet company.'
  23. 'While he always obeys an instruction without question, his only acknowledgement of the request comes in the form of a grunt or a nod.'
  24. 'Let me assure all concerned that any rainbow trout the size of salmon in this country are, without question, farmed.'
  25. 'Hal Sutton's US team was simply never in the contest, as this DVD proves beyond question.'
  26. 'That we need a strong Army to maintain our national stability and sovereignty is also beyond question.'
  27. 'The compilations always, without question, included his preamble to the track and his following comments.'
  28. 'George Harrison will be remembered, beyond question, on his own terms, as a quiet man meeting a quiet end.'
  29. 'He is without question of that immortal company of artists who make all of our strivings less petty, more worth while.'
  30. 'Throughout her career, her commitment was never in doubt and her courage beyond question.'
A matter requiring resolution or discussion.
  1. 'In Question Time Mark Latham wanted to focus on the question of truth in government.'
  2. 'Still ahead here, is it a question of states' rights, or is it a violation of civil rights?'
  3. 'One of them was an article authored by Mahatma Gandhi, discussing the minority question.'
  4. 'Our discussion will consider questions of rights, individual freedom, harm, and conceptions of the good life.'
  5. 'There is no doubt the moral question of how to balance relative evils in this case is a very difficult one.'
  6. 'The validity issue raises questions about whether we are measuring the appropriate things in the final examination.'
  7. 'The first of these, with Pico Iyer as moderator, discussed questions of national identity.'
  8. 'Meanwhile, key questions remain unanswered: How much pressure can Bangalore roads take?'
  9. 'To bring in these wider questions requires them to dissent from the government line.'
  10. 'After that, it's just a question of deciding which restaurant to take your group to once the show is over and how you are going to get them there.'
  11. 'Was it a question of lost spontaneity, or was it a matter of simply not feeling everything connect like it could?'
  12. 'At the end of this month's debate in Spain, discussion turned to the question of patronage.'
  13. 'It is only a question of getting the farmers together and educating them.'
  14. 'Much of the discussion centers on the question of public broadcasting's bias.'
  15. 'Colin Davey, a member of the Bradford team, said it was a question of educating businesses about the tax system.'
  16. 'A crucial meeting was due to take place today to discuss four vital questions on the future of the Metrolink.'
  17. 'There is a question of trust and it is a live issue and we have to deal with it.'
  18. 'He points out that if you have already got tens of millions of willing users, it's just a question of working out what you can charge them for.'
  19. 'In short, this study reminds us that power is not so much a matter of discourse as a question of turf.'


Ask (someone) questions, especially in an official context.
  1. 'the young lieutenant escorted us to the barracks for questioning'
  2. 'Police were yesterday questioning a man after a teenager was found stabbed to death in the street.'
  3. 'Police arrested one man in connection with the crime and were questioning him yesterday.'
  4. 'Officers in Finglas Station will question people who were at the scene to establish how the man was shot.'
  5. 'They followed up the raid by staking out the area over the bank holiday weekend to question people visiting the house.'
  6. 'When he was questioned he told officers that he carried the screwdriver as a weapon because he was a paranoid man.'
  7. 'Then they were stopping, searching and questioning people as they came through.'
  8. 'The detention plans were put forward after senior police officers argued they needed extra time to question suspects.'
  9. 'Detectives carefully planned the interview and how they were going to question him.'
  10. 'A policewoman told a jury how she ran after a driver who sped off as she was questioning him.'
  11. 'At the last minute, Hain was told that his interrogators were in fact planning to question him about something else.'
  12. 'Scientists are constantly questioning their assumptions and challenging their own findings.'
  13. 'It is your right as a member to question these actions, and request such modifications as you see fit.'
  14. 'Now, it was not for me to question her purity, but I had certain doubts about her saintliness.'
  15. 'He was raised a Methodist but began to question his faith after seeing so many die in the Korean war.'
  16. 'It has given some an excuse to question our cause and to cast doubt on our motives.'
  17. 'Mired in depression and doubt, he started to question his most fundamental beliefs.'
  18. 'I constantly question his love, which has led to him doubting our relationship.'
  19. 'The interviewer was aghast that I could question the prime minister's integrity.'
  20. 'No matter what our build we always have doubts; we always question our desirability and self-worth.'
  21. 'Some critics question the authenticity of the tablets.'

More definitions

1. a sentence in an interrogative form, addressed to someone in order to get information in reply.

2. a problem for discussion or under discussion; a matter for investigation.

3. a matter of some uncertainty or difficulty; problem (usually followed by of): It was simply a question of time.

4. a subject of dispute or controversy.

5. a proposal to be debated or voted on, as in a meeting or a deliberative assembly.

6. the procedure of putting a proposal to vote.

7. Politics. a proble

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"weeks can be questioned."

"officials can be questioned."

"taxes can be questioned."

"rates can be questioned."

"people/places/organizations can be questioned."

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(question)Late Middle English: from Old French question (noun), questionner (verb), from Latin quaestio(n-), from quaerere ‘ask, seek’.


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