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Making little or no noise.
  1. 'I was as quiet as I could be, but he knew I was there'
  2. 'He woke up with a start and realized that he had heard a quiet noise outside his door.'
  3. 'There was a quiet humming from the engines, and it quickly put me to sleep.'
  4. 'The air was hot, the night still, and, but for the gentle noises of the river, all was quiet.'
  5. 'As well as giving an impressive blend of performance and economy, the new engine is also quiet.'
  6. 'Microphones can suffer from distortion with very loud signals or from noise with very quiet signals.'
  7. 'The first thing that strikes you is the contrast between the quiet and loud noises.'
  8. 'Even at these speeds, engine noise was quiet, with only small amounts of road and wind noise.'
  9. 'The house was relatively quiet except for the noise coming from the kitchen.'
  10. 'He kept his disappointments to himself, a quiet murmur of disapproval usually being as far as it went.'
  11. 'A soft noise came from inside, a quiet shuffling and a low muttering.'
  12. 'The place is quiet, and I'm kinda excited to have my space back, but not excited enough to be glad they're gone.'
  13. 'Until yesterday, this was a quiet place, even while the people on either side were clearly distressed by a new and awkward tension.'
  14. 'It's a quiet place and I like to be in a quiet place after a day's work.'
  15. 'Yet, not all places were quiet and devoid of activity on Tuesday.'
  16. 'When you study on your own find a quiet place, like in your room.'
  17. 'The company has been through a quiet period over the past few years with few new models, but that is all changing with no fewer than a dozen new models due to arrive in the next five years.'
  18. 'By the time the outcome is known, we will have entered the traditionally quiet summer period that usually lasts from May to September.'
  19. 'Even yesterday, when the roads were relatively quiet, stationary traffic stretched the length of Kingshill.'
  20. 'This is the second year in a row that the quiet period between Christmas Day and New Year's Day has been shattered by a disaster.'
  21. 'Roman Lancashire was a quiet place, but not the back water that some historians have made of it.'
  22. 'all he wanted was a quiet drink'
  23. 'We'd just gone out for a few quiet drinks and the pub was half-empty.'
  24. 'Already, a quiet drink in the pub is forever interrupted by people rattling charity boxes.'
  25. 'It meant all thoughts of a quiet drink were shattered.'
  26. 'If you want a quiet drink, avoid times when the footie is on the telly.'
  27. 'It has emerged that the hotel was one of the establishments the prince favoured when he wanted to enjoy a quiet drink away from his security guards and the prying eyes of tourists.'
Carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderation.
  1. 'I'll have a quiet word with him'
  2. 'A year ago, when this column began, a respected magazine editor offered a quiet word of warning.'
  3. 'If it does, maybe you should have a quiet word with the waiter.'
  4. 'If it's your parent or parents, chances are you'll know how to do this best - whether it's using humour or taking them aside for a quiet word.'
  5. 'But he will be having a quiet word with ‘one or two riders’ before the match.'
  6. 'They may not be grabbing headlines or standing out but they are having quiet words in ears and giving assurance.'
  7. 'I'm going to suggest somebody has a quiet word in her ear.'
  8. 'The launch of the play club was a family affair with carols galore and of course Santa cutting the ribbon and having a quiet word with the younger guests.'
  9. 'Hillary had obviously had a quiet word with her husband in the kitchen, because when he came back, he was far more subdued.'
  10. 'Changing the subject in an almost arbitrary fashion - I'd just like to have a quiet word with the Conservative Party.'
  11. 'He was a quiet person who preferred staying in but when we went out we always enjoyed ourselves.'
  12. 'He is a quiet man by nature, the last player one would expect to run off his mouth in the locker room.'
  13. 'Some bull terriers are much more reticent than others and would be more suitable for a quiet person and a calm household.'
  14. 'An unassuming and quiet woman from Norway runs a coastal rehabilitation unit that rescues beaches from oil slicks.'
  15. 'He was quiet and unassuming gentleman who was very highly thought of by all who knew him.'
  16. 'He was a modest and quiet person with a profound knowledge in most fields of scientific ornithology.'
  17. 'They describe him as a quiet man who lived here with his parents and also with his younger brother.'
  18. 'Johnny was a very quiet man who was soft-spoken and gentle.'
  19. 'His students and friends will always warmly remember him as a man of gentle, unassuming and quiet personality.'
  20. 'A very quiet individual, his gentlemanly manner endeared him to all who made his acquaintance.'
  21. 'Molly spoke with quiet confidence'
  22. 'She always had composure, but now she carried a quiet but firm dignity.'
  23. 'Wendy has been giving readings since 1980, so she has earned a quiet confidence in what might work.'
  24. 'The mood of this film, the quiet confidence of its telling, the gorgeous cinematography has to be seen to be understood.'
  25. 'Sweet music to the ears of his manager, who was his usual mixture of confidence and quiet sophistication on Friday as he discussed how to improve on winning the double.'
  26. 'Exuding a quiet confidence, he is obviously somebody who is sure of his own abilities, yet unpresumptuous about what the future might hold.'
  27. 'Indeed, in their own quiet, understated way, that's what they've always done.'
  28. 'There is a quiet confidence about this exhibition; a modesty which belies the fact that it represents nothing less than a revolution.'
  29. 'He got the job done in his own quiet, unassuming, understated way.'
  30. 'What attracted my attention was the air of quiet confidence and serenity that emanated from her.'
  31. 'But the Scot's quiet confidence and forbearance spread to the rest of the community.'


Absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm.
  1. 'That begs the question, what kind of an idiot moves into a building next to a nightclub expecting peace and quiet?'
  2. 'I'm breakfasting on vanilla tea and toasted challah as I write this, enjoying the temporary quiet of a Sunday morning in NYC.'
  3. 'It was a cold spring morning and the city was deadly quiet.'
  4. 'It was the strangest sense, there was just quiet, no hysteria, no noise, no crying out.'
  5. 'So there I am, out in the quiet of the morning, ripping up weeds, listening to birds singing their hearts out, drinking in the smell of freshly turned earth.'
  6. 'The pace is dictated by the early morning quiet of a misty golf course laid out along Georgia's ocean coast.'
  7. 'I live downtown because I don't want that kind of peace and quiet.'
  8. 'The quiet in the apartment was calming, refreshing.'
  9. 'The stillness and quiet of the night made the place seem almost reverent, as if something long ago had happened here.'
  10. 'They should be allowed to live in peace and quiet.'
  11. 'Personally, I love riding on trains that are nearly empty, just as my favourite pubs are the ones that no one else likes and where I can get a bit of peace and quiet.'
  12. 'I was suffering from cabin fever and longing for some peace and quiet.'
  13. 'Once the gardens are finished, they will be open to the public free of charge on condition that visitors respect the peace and quiet of the hall as a place of retreat.'
  14. 'The greatest luxury of having an office in the house is the peace and quiet, and no valuable time wasted commuting.'
  15. 'Husband Brian offered no sympathy but couldn't wait for the peace and quiet.'
  16. 'Once we get to dinner time the peace and quiet is shattered by three ravening teenagers all demanding food and demanding it now.'
  17. 'I'm looking forward to having my own room back because I'm fed up of having nowhere to go to be alone in peace and quiet.'
  18. 'On the other side, from his family's perspective, he just simply wanted some peace and quiet.'
  19. 'after several months of comparative quiet, the scandal re-erupted in August'
  20. 'I think that maybe we're going to have a few months of relative quiet in which people can try to sort things out in the region.'
  21. 'Has the organisation begun another deadly bombing campaign after some months of relative quiet?'


Make or become silent, calm, or still.
  1. no object 'the journalists quieted down as Judy stepped on to the dais'
  2. 'I mean, the dog is as big as her on his forelegs and she quiets him with a touch.'
  3. 'The audience quiets down as John slowly turns and stares at one general spot in the crowd.'
  4. 'It quiets the mind, so you can let thoughts enter your consciousness and then be released without the compulsive need to worry or take action.'
  5. 'As the play begins, everyone quiets down and behaves.'
  6. 'His mind quiets, his muscles begin to un-knit, and his posture resumes something closer to normal rather than poised and defensive.'
  7. 'His silences often precede a weighty thought though I doubt the rattling in his head ever quiets.'
  8. 'As I come out with a stack of napkins and some plates, their conversation quiets and dies down, and we all eat.'


1. making no noise or sound, especially no disturbing sound: quiet neighbors.

2. free, or comparatively free, from noise: a quiet street.

3. silent: Be quiet!

4. restrained in speech, manner, etc.; saying little: a quiet person.

5. free from disturbance or tumult; tranquil; peaceful: a quiet life.

6. being at rest.

7. refraining or free from activity, especially busy or vigorous activity: a quiet Sunday afternoon.

8. making no disturbance o

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"markets can be quiet in mornings."

"markets can be quiet in/at/on todays."

"tradings can be quiet in/at/on todays."

"places can be quiet on dates."

"markets can be quiet in/at/on weeks."

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(quiet)Middle English (originally as a noun denoting peace as opposed to war): via Old French, based on Latin quies, quiet- ‘repose, quiet’.


keep quiet (or keep someone quiet)
keep something quiet (or keep quiet about something)
on the quiet
(as) quiet as a mouse (or lamb)