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The five-hundredth anniversary of a significant event.
  1. '1992 marked the quincentenary of Columbus' first landfall in America, and led to a spate of conferences, exhibitions, and books reflecting on the complex legacy of the Genoese navigator's voyage.'
  2. 'The quincentenary is a significant public event and the Royal Mail has a tradition of recognising significant institutions who have contributed to the public good.'
  3. 'A few years ago, writing a biography of Christopher Columbus for the quincentenary of his discoveries, I came across a wonderful Spanish term - querencia - usually translated as ‘love of home’.'
  4. 'An infamous example was the quincentenary of Columbus in Santo Domingo in 1992.'


Relating to a five-hundredth anniversary.
  1. 'Among the few quincentenary projects to reach a satisfactory conclusion is a twelve-volume series called, somewhat portentously, the Repertorium Columbianum.'


1. a 500th anniversary or its celebration. adjective

2. pertaining to or marking a period of 500 years; quincentennial.

More examples(as adjective)

"coins can be quincentenary."

"revelries can be quincentenary."

"celebrations can be quincentenary."


Late 19th century: from Latin quinque ‘five’ + centenary.