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Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
  1. 'I suppose the waterfront dispute is the quintessential example, but that is only one amongst many.'
  2. 'Whatever his faults and many quirks, Monty is the quintessential team player.'
  3. 'It is also the ideal place to go for a quintessential English-style tea.'
  4. 'They have been described as the quintessential English pop group, with a string of hits bemoaning late-teen angst.'
  5. 'So any mandatory reading list for young women should include at least one quintessential guy book.'
  6. 'I believe Antonio is the quintessential Montrealer because Montreal is a quirky city.'
  7. 'He is the quintessential tragic music teacher, wild hair and too many kittens.'
  8. 'John properly described Bill as the quintessential English gentleman and he will be much missed by everyone.'
  9. 'With knock-knees and pigeon toes, he was not your quintessential runner, but he trained like a demon.'


1. of the pure and essential essence of something:

2. of or relating to the most perfect embodiment of something:

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"lovers can be quintessential."

"villages can be quintessential."

"symbols can be quintessential."

"marketings can be quintessential."

"courters can be quintessential."

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