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Tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.
  1. 'Juliet's lower lip quivered'
  2. 'I loved the way that the stage just transformed itself with quivering strands of material.'
  3. 'We also have the species Astrantia major with green flowers filled with pinkish stamen which quiver in the slightest of breezes.'
  4. 'Swung around the head by a string they produce quivering vibrations in the air and have particular significance for initiation rites.'
  5. 'The flame quivered a little more then went out.'
  6. 'You are instantly transported into an enchanting vista of cool water-filled ponds that quiver and shimmer with shadows that change with the time of day.'
  7. 'And it was a relief when Jude swung the steel-hooked gaffing pole over the side, and hauled on board a solid, quivering muscle of a fish.'
  8. 'Joe is ready to bail out of EastEnders and try his hand at something other than quivering his bottom lip and having bad facial hair.'
  9. 'Some of the images here caused even this reviewer to quiver a jaded eyebrow.'
  10. 'We'd pulled the car up on the hills east of Rosedale and three yards the other side of the glass a cold wind quivered a lapwing's crest.'
  11. 'Her eyes were closed, and she was quivering her lips like an opera singer, though it wasn't affecting her singing at all.'


A slight trembling movement or sound, especially one caused by a sudden strong emotion.
  1. 'Her hands trembled, a fine quiver that rippled through her body.'
  2. 'She said, louder this time, and with a quiver in her voice.'
  3. 'I silently cursed myself for the quiver in my voice.'
  4. 'I noticed a slight quiver in the man's lips, and to my surprise, he dropped his gun, staggered away, and collapsed to his knees.'
  5. 'There's just something in that voice, that slight quiver that lets you know he isn't hiding behind anything.'
  6. 'The only indication was the slight quiver of his upper lip as his eyes bore into James.'
  7. 'Although she had intended to sound indignant, the quiver in her voice betrayed the chuckle she was controlling.'
  8. 'Yes, it was strictly the challenge that appealed to him, he told himself, ignoring a sudden quiver of breath.'
  9. 'He sounded calm, but I caught a quiver in his voice.'


An archer's portable case for holding arrows.
  1. 'At the time of his death, Otzi was carrying an unfinished longbow, a quiver of unfinished arrows and a backpack.'
  2. 'These include the bow and the basic accessories hunters need, such as a sight, quiver and arrow rest.'
  3. 'His sword was sheathed, and his arrows still in their quiver.'
  4. 'Smoothly, he drew another arrow from the quiver and nocked it to the bow.'
  5. 'Joshua could make out that while some archers carried one quiver of arrows, many carried up to three.'
  6. 'Archers drew their arrows from their quivers and readied to fire.'
  7. 'Lying at their feet were two new swords and a crossbow complete with a full quiver of arrows.'
  8. 'All carried longbows and a quiver full of arrows behind their backs.'
  9. 'She dressed in green and carried a longbow and a quiver of arrows on her back.'
  10. 'I packed my quiver full of arrows along with my armguard and left the palace.'
  11. 'That quiver idea sounds so simple and good: have a board for several ranges of wave size and conditions.'
  12. 'Now I need a wetsuit and a surfboard… bummer I didn't bring over at least one board from my quiver in NZ with me.'

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1. to shake with a slight but rapid motion; vibrate tremulously; tremble. noun

2. the act or state of quivering; a tremble or tremor.

More examples(as adjective)

"contemptuouslies can be quivered."


(quiver)Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French quiveir, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch koker and German Köcher.


an arrow in the quiver