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A test of knowledge, especially as a competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment.
  1. 'a pub quiz'
  2. 'Radio presenters will travel across the county to report on the progress of quiz teams playing in pubs, clubs, churches, community halls, workplaces and at home.'
  3. 'I've always been a whiz at quizzes - I've won countless pub quizzes and company competitions, as well as a national quiz contest as a child.'
  4. 'The team winning the quiz contest will get a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh and the second prize-winner, Rs.50,000.'
  5. 'At the end of your journey you can test your knowledge with a short quiz.'
  6. 'The couple took over the pub two years ago and have managed to attract new customers through activities such as music evenings, a quiz night and pub sports.'
  7. 'The most perfect evening I had recently was being on the winning team in a pub quiz in a London club.'
  8. 'Even the quiz competition focussed on nutrition and health.'
  9. 'For the first time in many years we have a quiz team in the final.'
  10. 'People will be able to test their general knowledge at a quiz night.'
  11. 'This chap was a quiz-show fanatic who had won a national quiz competition when he was a child.'
  12. 'the model is to face a police quiz over claims her dogs are intimidating ramblers'
  13. 'The computer shuts down students' access to quizzes or activities after the deadlines pass.'
  14. 'In addition to the daily quizzes, student learning was evaluated by three in-class examinations and a final presentation by each student of an article to the entire class.'
  15. 'The coordinating Web site offers detailed written explanations, hands-on activities, resources and computer-graded quizzes.'
  16. 'The instructor uses this website to post supplementary information and online quizzes.'
  17. 'One of the things that my students get the most use from are the interactive quizzes that I have written to help them study for the tests.'
  18. 'Students are assessed through three problem-solving quizzes and three multiple-choice examinations.'
  19. 'They show that most approaches to using on-line tests, quizzes, and other evaluations suffer from increased student willingness to cheat.'
  20. 'The majority of users were course directors, and they were the ones primarily responsible for developing quizzes and examinations.'
  21. 'The quiz serves to evaluate students' knowledge of medication indications, dosages, monitoring, and side effects.'


Ask (someone) questions.
  1. 'Police have been granted an extra 24 hours to quiz a man in connection with the murder.'
  2. 'Detectives have quizzed pupils in relation to the attack.'
  3. 'A study quizzed 1,000 UK shoppers of both sexes and all ages.'
  4. 'He is being quizzed by murder squad detectives.'
  5. 'But when he was quizzed about the murder, he told police the victim had ‘impaled himself’ on the knife when he took it out of his college folder to try to avoid being beaten up.'
  6. 'Almost half of firms quizzed said they would be interested to use it to market their own products and services.'
  7. 'During the session, prosecution lawyers quizzed customs officers from Tokyo Airport with 91 questions.'
  8. 'By contrast, only 10 per cent quizzed during the poll identified malicious hackers as the largest threat to security.'
  9. 'Two in five of those quizzed reckon their IT department will prevent them from falling victim to threats such as spyware and phishing.'
  10. 'Sixty per cent of the women quizzed for the study said they thought they would hit a glass ceiling in their own career, and apparently 31 per cent of employers agreed.'
  11. 'The teacher has handed out worksheets describing the weapons and siege engines which could have been used, and she is quizzing pupils about them.'
  12. 'There was only a fifty percent chance that they'd actually get quizzed on the material tomorrow, but she couldn't chance it.'
  13. 'It gives an overview of British society and history and devotes chapters to the eight topics that candidates will be quizzed on in the test.'


Look curiously or intently at (someone) through or as if through an eyeglass.
    Make fun of.


      A practical joke or hoax.
      1. 'two ill-natured quizzes, who were suspected of writing for a very sarcastic paper'
      An odd or eccentric person.

        More definitions

        1. an informal test or examination of a student or class.

        2. a questioning.

        3. a practical joke; a hoax.

        4. Chiefly British. an eccentric, often odd-looking person. verb (used with object), quizzed, quizzing.

        5. to examine or test (a student or class) informally by questions.

        6. to question closely: The police quizzed several suspects.

        7. Chiefly British. to make fun of; ridicule; mock; chaff.

        More examples(as adjective)

        "victims can be quizzed."

        "relentlesslies can be quizzed."

        "quarters can be quizzed."

        "people can be quizzed."

        "candidates can be quizzed."

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        (quiz)Late 18th century: sometimes said to have been invented by a Dublin theatre proprietor who, having made a bet that a nonsense word could be made known within 48 hours throughout the city, and that the public would give it a meaning, had the word written up on walls all over the city. There is no evidence to support this theory.