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An aromatic plant whose greyish-green leaves are used as a culinary herb, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  1. 'Good choices to plant now are basil, chives, cilantro, oregano, parsley rosemary, sage, and thyme.'
  2. 'Mediterranean herbs such as sage (salvia officianalis) are hardy and tasty plants.'
  3. 'Sheri's houseplants go for about $5 each, while her herbs like oregano, sage and thyme are $4.'
  4. 'Herb de Provence is a mixture of herbs, often including thyme, rosemary, tarragon, chervil, sage, marjoram, basil and fennel seed.'
  5. 'Plants deer especially dislike include catmint, chives, lavender, sage, spearmint, thyme and yarrow-all useful and easy to grow in this area.'
  6. 'I use thyme, sage, rosemary, chives, basil, dill, sorrel, salad burnet, chervil, oregano and mint as well as parsley.'
  7. 'Other culinary herbs, like sage, rosemary and thyme, are native to Mediterranean regions where the air is rather temperate and dry.'
  8. 'You also can plant lavender, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage.'
  9. 'Thyme, oregano, rosemary, sage, basil and coriander all contain high levels of phyto-chemicals, which can help ward off heart disease and cancers.'
  10. 'And, the culinary herb, sage, that you use in the kitchen is often enough to put a damper on hot flashes.'
  11. 'Wood sage will do well in full sun or light shade.'
Either of two bushy North American plants with silvery-grey leaves.
  1. 'The talks sitting by the pool, lying on a Mexican blanket in front of the candle altar, burning white sage in an abalone shell for hours all reiterated the feeling that I was home.'
  2. 'This area is lightly vegetated with juniper, pine, sage, and grasses.'
  3. 'At some sweat lodges sage and cedar are thought to purify the space, while tobacco leaves bless the earth.'
  4. 'Attract hummingbirds by planting Mexican bush sage, pineapple sage, and beebalm.'
  5. 'The tepees, the yoga kiva, the pre-massage ritual of burning sage to ward off evil spirits - are all nods to an ancient way of life.'
  6. 'Cleveland and white sage, creosote bush and brittlebush, pine and redwood, for instance, are filled with resins and release their scents on warm afternoons.'
  7. 'And over there is some Creosote Bush, Shadscale, Big Sagebrush, Bladder sage, and Blackbush.'


(especially in ancient history or legend) a profoundly wise man.
  1. 'I'm not much of a sage, I'm afraid'
  2. 'Well, many sages and wise men over the years have recommended the mountain top.'
  3. 'Right from ancient times, sages and seers have been preaching that money alone should not be the aim in life, for it could never bring contentment.'
  4. 'One of our ancient sages was so blown away by the concept that he declared charity to be equal in importance to all the other commandments combined.'
  5. 'The sages who advise the party leader on these matters are turning their attention to his deputy.'
  6. 'As a young materialist it mattered to me that we too have our ancient texts, our saints and sages, wise men and good news.'
  7. 'Kashmir was a holy land for us, where our yogis and sages prayed and meditated and many of our Hindu people went on pilgrimages.'
  8. 'According to legend, all the sages once gathered in the Himalayas.'
  9. 'Just as the ancient sages can't be blamed for the ideology of the Sangh Parivar, the actions of these so-called leaders cannot be traced to the Sikh values.'
  10. 'When calling on the Gurukkal, don't expect to meet a venerable sage with wrinkles to testify the years of experience he had in life.'
  11. 'Actually, mythology was only set up by ancient sages to help explain the very complicated Hindu philosophy in an unphilosophical way.'


Profoundly wise.
  1. 'Quite naturally from his advanced age of 24 he feels he can already look back on his own youth and offer sage advice and profound wisdom to his parents who are still raising his younger teenage brother.'
  2. 'I think this image-enhancement business is complete nonsense since not a single viewer remembers what the sage politician has uttered.'
  3. 'Remember the sage advice of Whodini, who, at the height of the crack era put out the ‘prescient’ hit single: The Freaks Come Out at Night.'
  4. 'As with the 2000 election, will you inject your sage Texas wisdom into your 2000 election projections?'
  5. 'Jag wanted to snap at her, ask her where the hell she got off sounding so damned wise, but something in her sage words made sense.'
  6. 'As an example of that sage philosophy, the site's fantasy sports games and NCAA basketball tournament contests help draw sports fans to the site whether they have cable or not.'
  7. 'I believe that, like me, you will gain a deeper appreciation for this illustrious artist after reading Moore's sage views.'
  8. 'Liberal Larry is offering sage advice regarding the tragedy in London.'
  9. 'Trying to keep the peace is the sage Andy, whose cool intellectualizing goes from being an annoying trait to an obvious shield for his own emotional issues.'
  10. 'Jeeves' grave and sage philosophy towards booze is encapsulated perfectly at the end of another Wodehouse story.'


1. a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.

2. someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience. adjective, sager, sagest.

3. wise, judicious, or prudent: sage advice.

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"correspondents can be sage to emphasises."

"groups can be sage."

"stuffings can be sage."

"shares can be sage."

"people can be sage."

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(sage)Middle English (as an adjective): from Old French, from Latin sapere ‘be wise’.