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Health-giving; healthy.
  1. 'Surely it would be no weakness for a thoughtful man who should resort, for the renovation of a wasted frame, to one of those salubrious mineral fountains.'
  2. 'For those who wish less publicly to enjoy the salubrious exercise of swimming, there are machines on the North sands with attendants and accommodations.'
  3. 'Immediately after I rose from my bed I never failed, if the weather was fine, to run to the terrace to respire the fresh and salubrious air of the morning.'
  4. 'You may swear by herbs for their salubrious effect, but if you're facing surgery, you should stop taking any herbal medicines or supplements at least two or three weeks before the procedure.'
  5. 'Naturally, it has turned out to be the time when even passive passers-by do not fail to throw a glance at these shops, unable to resist the temptation of letting the brew slip down their throats, either to enjoy the salubrious conditions better or beat the chill.'
  6. 'an over-priced flat in a none too salubrious area'
  7. 'The launch of the scheme took place last Wednesday night, one of the first gatherings, in the salubrious surroundings of the new parish centre.'
  8. 'He soon found himself walking through one of the less salubrious areas of the city.'
  9. 'Walthamstow was seen as a particularly salubrious location for schools.'
  10. 'Kostas bought a taxi and the pair went to work, spending their nights in the city's less salubrious areas.'
  11. 'My family moved, when I was a girl of about 9 years old or so, from a small Johannesburg miner's house into a palatial mansion in a more salubrious suburb.'
  12. 'He found applicants with addresses in ‘difficult’ areas received half as many invitations to an interview as those from more salubrious districts.'


1. favorable to or promoting health; healthful: salubrious air.

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"people can be salubrious as evenings."

"surroundingses can be salubrious."

"areas can be salubrious."

"quarters can be salubrious."

"people can be salubrious."

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Mid 16th century: from Latin salubris (from salus ‘health’) + -ous.