Adjective "sapiential" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Relating to wisdom.
  1. 'Personified Wisdom carries different meanings according to each sapiential thread - even though the expressions are similar and written within a relatively short time in the post-exilic period.'
  2. 'I shall argue that it is this particular scroll movement in the midst of other royal, prophetic, priestly, and sapiential interests that gave decisive character to the entire Bible as the normative book.'
  3. 'Wisdom of Solomon thus saw a new synthesis of various sapiential traditions in a much broader philosophical/theological framework that could cope with a universalistic and Hellenistic perspective.'



1. containing, exhibiting, or affording wisdom; characterized by wisdom.


Late 15th century: from Old French, or from ecclesiastical Latin sapientialis, from Latin sapientia ‘wisdom’.