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Meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone)
  1. 'I e-mailed him to let him know I was satisfied with his work and would allow him to visit my house again.'
  2. 'And of course, if people are not satisfied with the movie, then of course, they always feel that they paid too much.'
  3. 'After I covered Bosnia and wrote a book about it, I was satisfied with what I had written and wanted to move on to other subjects.'
  4. 'Eventually, however, our goal must be to arrive at an equilibrium whereby each one of us is satisfied with the way we make important decisions in our lives.'
  5. 'Once I was satisfied with my reflection, I headed down stairs.'
  6. 'I think the judge was satisfied with the medical excuse.'
  7. 'But the hotel owners are never satisfied with what they've got; or perhaps they don't know what they want.'
  8. 'If we're not satisfied with the way the world is going, how will electing a leader who is, in most aspects, similar to the last, do any good?'
  9. 'Looking back at the year, we would all say we were satisfied with how it went, because no one expected us to do so well.'
  10. 'Once you are satisfied with your creation, a simple click of the finish button brings up your e-mail software and you are ready to send your pictures.'
  11. 'social services is trying to satisfy the needs of so many different groups'
  12. 'How will you ensure that those desires or needs are satisfied?'
  13. 'Mutual fund companies are fiduciaries, meaning their top priority is to fulfill their responsibilities to others, not satisfy their own needs.'
  14. 'She stresses the importance of protein in diets to stop cravings and satisfy the body's need for nourishment.'
  15. 'They perform behaviors that keep them safe from danger, reduce stress or anxiety, or satisfy some other need or desire.'
  16. 'They were there to serve him and satisfy his needs and whims.'
  17. 'It didn't take long to satisfy his shopping needs and so we had plenty of time to find me a few new outfits.'
  18. 'I think he initially did it for the thrill or to satisfy some inner need of his own, but then there was so much media attention, that he was actually seduced into the cat and mouse game.'
  19. 'And just to satisfy your need for instant gratification, turn to page 40 to find six quick meals you can fix in no time.'
  20. 'Join the real humanitarians as we strive to satisfy the needs and wants of every individual in the world.'
  21. 'How will indigenous Amazonians both use the resources of their territories to satisfy their current needs and conserve them for future generations?'
  22. 'The administration walked a political and social tightrope as it tried to satisfy the conflicting demands of all these constituencies.'
  23. 'In response, web servers must evolve to satisfy these demands.'
  24. 'This is an example of businesses reacting to industry conditions and satisfying market demand with supply.'
  25. 'There is enough gold in the vaults of central banks to satisfy world demand for 10 years without another ounce being mined!'
  26. 'A servant's use of his private car for transport during the course of his duties does not satisfy the conditions set out above.'
  27. 'They would be hard pressed to manufacture enough to satisfy demand, let alone research a new version of the item.'
  28. 'Art isn't interesting when it is made to satisfy the demands of the market.'
  29. 'Whether it would be sufficient to satisfy extraordinary demands such as those of national defense in today's world is, of course, quite another story.'
  30. 'The Monegasque government has had to find innovative ways to satisfy the demand for construction: the use of land reclaimed from the sea.'
  31. 'The Napoleonic Wars would end in 1815 and with the favourable British colonial preference laws, whiskey could be transported over seas to help satisfy this new demand.'
  32. 'there was insufficient collateral to satisfy the loan'
  33. 'Two million acres of Creek land was given to the new colony of Georgia so it could be sold to satisfy debts to British traders.'
  34. 'In the spring of 1997 he and Coleman devised a private plan to satisfy his creditors.'
  35. 'He wants to carry out social reforms, but he has to keep public finances in order to satisfy international creditors.'
  36. 'It still needs a quarter of a million pounds to satisfy creditors.'
  37. 'It also appears that his shares are going to be woefully inadequate to satisfy his creditors.'
  38. 'Given the sums that they had borrowed from shopkeepers and moneylenders at high interest rates, tenants were unable to satisfy both their creditors in the towns and their landlords.'
  39. 'The company will also negotiate separately with existing bondholders and intends to satisfy all other creditors.'
  40. 'Even if a share of the cash value of the equity is protected, this does not prevent the creditors from demanding that the home be sold so that the remaining share can be realized to go towards satisfying the debt.'
  41. 'So far, the car manufacturer has managed to cut only 2,400 jobs, largely through voluntary redundancies and this is not enough to satisfy its creditors.'
  42. 'The shareholders have no claim, on a winding-up, to the return of their contributions to the company until all the creditors' claims have been satisfied.'
Provide (someone) with adequate or convincing information or proof about something.
  1. 'the chief engineer satisfied himself that it was not a weapon'
  2. 'The soldiers satisfied themselves that there were no more of the enemy around, and sat down behind the crates.'
  3. 'I am not satisfied to the appropriate standard of proof that this appellant is of Eritrean ethnicity.'
  4. 'I am satisfied that Mr Baird had an adequate opportunity to examine the boat.'
  5. 'Provided you are satisfied that the market has undervalued that business, thank your lucky stars for the golden buying opportunity.'
  6. 'Provided he is satisfied that the conduct appears to constitute an extradition crime he is entitled to make an order to proceed.'
  7. 'We are satisfied that by acting in this way the judge provided the necessary safeguard to protect the possible interests of the appellant.'
  8. 'You may be refused support on the basis that you have given inadequate information to satisfy the Secretary of State that you made your asylum claim as soon as practicable after arrival in the UK.'
  9. 'In this case, we were satisfied that the information supported its use.'
  10. 'Lending institutions will be required to satisfy themselves that the borrowers already have 10 per cent of the total price.'
  11. 'Having satisfied herself that he was alone, she continued over to the well.'
(of a quantity) make (an equation) true.
  1. 'This equation is satisfied by y= cx+ c2- c.'

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1. to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment to: The hearty meal satisfied him.

2. to put an end to (a desire, want, need, etc.) by sufficient or ample provision: The hearty meal satisfied his hunger.

3. to give assurance to; convince: to satisfy oneself by investigation.

4. to answer sufficiently, as an objection.

5. to solve or dispel, as a doubt.

6. to discharge fu

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"people can be satisfy to members."

"laws can be satisfy in churches."

"companies can be satisfy on exchanges."

"settlements can be satisfy."

"services can be satisfy."

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Late Middle English: from Old French satisfier, formed irregularly from Latin satisfacere ‘to content’, from satis ‘enough’ + facere ‘make’.


satisfy the examiners