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Sexually attractive or exciting.
  1. 'She was sexy enough to appeal to teenage males but not so sexy that the younger crowd couldn't relate.'
  2. 'Manners are sexy because they demonstrate that you are interested in the welfare of others.'
  3. 'The sexy star, who has forged a successful solo career outside the band, said their last album was probably their last.'
  4. 'I could never do a thing with my hair to look good or sexy or trendy or even cute.'
  5. 'It was perfect: it was comfortable, it was fashionable, it was sexy but now too showy.'
  6. 'Having never been to prison before, I find it intriguing and kind of sexy.'
  7. 'He liked her when she was angry; she was attractive and sexy as hell.'
  8. 'These t - shirts, with their wry references to power tools, are at once sexy, attractive and cool.'
  9. 'The strength he emanated and his confidence were sexy but she knew she would never find him physically appealing.'
  10. 'In fact, we should be thinking about what is cool, desirable, sexy and fashionable.'
  11. 'neither of them was feeling sexy'
Very exciting or appealing.
  1. 'Milgram was a whiz at devising sexy experiments, but barely interested in any theoretical basis for them.'


1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué: a sexy novel.

2. sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality: the sexiest professor on campus.

3. excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car.

More examples(as adjective)

"waitresses can be sexy at times."

"people can be sexy in/at/on tonights."

"people can be sexy in shirts."

"people can be sexy in jeans."

"hairs can be sexy for systems."

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