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Characteristic of or appropriate for a sister or sisters.
  1. 'Lizzy and Jane shared a close sisterly bond'
  2. 'The Elle of the first film would have taken her aside to provide a few sisterly fashion tips.'
  3. 'An older, blonde girl, about eight, looks over with sisterly disgust.'
  4. 'The lead character shows lust only for Olympic glory—the most his self-sacrificing wife gets is a sisterly peck on the cheek.'
  5. 'I know I should be more patient, more sisterly, more respectful of other people's discoveries.'
  6. 'Without being dramatic about it, the story ends on a note of sisterly solidarity.'


1. of, like, or befitting a sister: sisterly affection. adverb

2. in the manner of a sister; as a sister.

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"states can be sisterly."

"people can be sisterly."

"loves can be sisterly."

"kisses can be sisterly."

"countries can be sisterly."

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