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Relating to society or social relations.
  1. 'He says there has been a sea change in the societal attitude to love marriages in the past 10 years.'
  2. 'I will offer an illustration of the expression of differing levels of societal anxiety.'
  3. 'Due to societal pressures, women undergo all kinds of treatment to have a child.'
  4. 'She says the exhibit has harmful effects on societal attitudes towards violence.'
  5. 'We are not doing it in order to conform with societal norms or expectations.'
  6. 'The years have not changed my mind about education as a tool for societal change.'
  7. 'To break the taboo against suicide would be a sure sign of societal breakdown.'
  8. 'Media and societal pressure to achieve a slim body shape may fuel the guilty feelings people experience in relation to food.'
  9. 'It is important to consider the origin of the desire to conform to a societal image.'
  10. 'Maybe the psychiatrists can give an explanation to this societal behaviour.'


1. noting or pertaining to large social groups, or to their activities, customs, etc.

More examples(as adjective)

"reactions can be societal."

"contexts can be societal."

"structures can be societal."

"values can be societal."

"risks can be societal."

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