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Much in demand; generally desired.
  1. 'Hong Kong people love their food - the more sought-after and the more expensive, the better.'
  2. 'Irish vocal and production talent, much sought-after in Europe, barely gets a look in these days.'
  3. 'Government bonds were among the most sought-after financial investments following yesterday's attacks.'
  4. 'He was a much sought-after consultant, both for his original ideas and his unrivalled contacts in sport.'
  5. 'The location and the listed buildings already on the site promise that they will become some of the most sought-after addresses in the city.'
  6. 'The most sought-after rarities sell for thousands of pounds.'
  7. 'The price shoots up for larger sites in sought-after locations with pre-approved planning.'
  8. 'I've always been embarrassed by our corner bath but now, after years in the decor doldrums, they are much sought-after.'
  9. 'Any move to increase the number of sites open to the public would therefore generate a great deal of sought-after tourist revenue for the city.'
  10. 'A humble Scottish charity shop has emerged as one of the country's most sought-after suppliers of designer fashion.'



1. that is in demand; desirable: a sought-after speaker.

More examples(as adjective)

"types can be sought-after due to blooms."

"shirts can be sought-after in futures."

"models can be sought-after by collectors."

"partners can be sought-after."

"items can be sought-after."

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