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(especially of a room or building) having ample space.
  1. 'Every room is spacious and has a bath and shower, air conditioning, satellite TV and safe.'
  2. 'There are two other rooms on the ground floor, a shower room and a spacious store room.'
  3. 'It is a steel-framed building which provides light and spacious accommodation.'
  4. 'The apartment was spacious and we made a number of good friends in the complex.'
  5. 'A visit to their spacious store always does the soul good, even if it hurts the wallet.'
  6. 'The reception room is spacious, large enough to accommodate both a living and dining area.'
  7. 'It a bright and spacious room with white walls and large windows overlooking the garden.'
  8. 'Off the kitchen is a utility area as well as a spacious room that is currently used as a bedroom.'
  9. 'The rooms are spacious and awash with brocade, satin and crisp white linen, with a decadent fur throw on the bed.'
  10. 'The rooms are spacious and avant-garde in decor and the service discreet but attentive.'


1. containing much space, as a house, room, or vehicle; amply large.

2. occupying much space; vast.

3. of a great extent or area; broad; large; great: the spacious prairies.

4. broad in scope, range, inclusiveness, etc.: a spacious approach to a problem.

More examples(as adjective)

"villas can be spacious with libraries."

"rooms can be spacious with windows."

"rooms can be spacious with schemes."

"rooms can be spacious with facilities."

"rooms can be spacious with balconies."

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Late Middle English: from Old French spacios or Latin spatiosus, from spatium (see space).