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Better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual.
  1. 'These special circumstances consist of different things.'
  2. 'Make a special effort to create your own family legends.'
  3. 'She knew that he was making a special effort for her sake.'
  4. 'We made a special effort to do a good performance.'
  5. 'This time it's special.'
  6. 'She sounds different and special and someone perfect for you.'
  7. 'They all had their own special memories of different parts of the gardens.'
  8. 'She hadn't gone to any special effort to make herself look good for Akihiro.'
  9. 'His normal breakfast had been average, but it would be no surprise to her if he made a special effort for his dream guest.'
  10. 'It takes a special effort to have an ISDN line put in.'
  11. 'she's a very special person'
  12. 'She never wore the same clothes twice, except for a few special outfits.'
  13. 'I had a special place, where no one ever knew about, except Emily.'
  14. 'Once an implant has been installed it can't be uninstalled again except with special equipment.'
  15. 'I was this unusual child that was special in my parents' eyes - plus I was very loving with them.'
  16. 'This special collection is already remarkable for its scope and size, and it deserves our enthusiastic support.'
  17. 'However, the lack of special features make the village children sad.'
  18. 'She was nothing significant, nothing special, nothing exceptional.'
  19. 'Housing was a special topic discussed at the last policy meeting on June 29-30.'
  20. 'His colleagues would not even respect his views about the teaching of his own special subject.'
  21. 'Credit cards are subject to extensive regulation, but that is a special topic and put to one side.'
Belonging specifically to a particular person or place.
  1. 'Perhaps the special character of the place was signalled by ceremonial activities here about 7000 BC.'
  2. 'Yuliana belongs to a special caste in classical ballet - she is a character dancer.'
  3. 'Each character has plenty of special moves'
  4. 'Players can catch elemental monsters called Djinni that unleash special attacks and change character stats and class.'
  5. 'There is a function in the game that slows down time temporarily and allows your character to perform special moves.'
  6. 'Although in a boxing game story is of little importance, popular characters should receive special attention.'
  7. 'This title belongs under that extra special list of films that are so bad they're good.'
  8. 'General purpose home computers will gather dust as special purpose machines with cool designs and unbreakable software take over.'
  9. 'Tomorrow's the first day of school, it's a special occasion.'
  10. 'Resolution 1115 set up a special committee for this purpose.'
  11. 'Asparagus is normally cooked, preferably by steaming in the special tall utensil designed for the purpose.'
  12. 'There was shelving filled with fine silverware and cutlery for the special occasions.'
  13. 'After teaching music at several locations, he found a job teaching a special education class at P.S. 92.'
  14. 'If one failed re-education, they were dubbed as mentally inept, and put into a school for special education students.'
  15. 'He attends a school for special educational needs in Spilsby and is looked after by his general practitioner and paediatric services from Boston Hospital.'
  16. 'The Applicant is a nine year old boy with special educational needs.'
  17. 'I'm not a morning person, but I like to get up with my husband, who teaches seventh-grade special education.'
  18. 'The claimant is a l5-year-old boy with special educational needs.'
  19. 'They stated that what was required was consistency throughout the waking day, not programmes of special education.'
  20. 'I thought, considering the career in special education, that he would be patient.'
  21. 'She graduated high school on time and entered the UVic English program with the goal of eventually becoming a special education teacher for the blind.'
Denoting a group consisting of matrices of unit determinant.


    A thing, such as a product or broadcast, that is designed or organized for a particular occasion or purpose.
    1. 'It was originally conceived as part of a CBS special.'
    2. 'She has written music for many classical dramatic productions and television specials.'
    3. 'It will air this Sunday night as a television special on ABC.'
    4. 'This is going to be an extraordinary special on Thursday night.'
    5. 'The Peanuts specials were staples of prime time television in my childhood.'
    6. 'The Eos Orchestra has taped a special for PBS celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the composer.'
    7. 'I was just in Nova Scotia for our CBC special on the 11-year-old singer Aselin Debison.'
    8. 'The artist had created several animated commercials and specials for television.'
    9. 'Six of the late ABC anchor's primetime news specials are going to be a part of a two-disc set.'
    10. 'The image is clean, but about on par with a high-definition broadcast of an old television special.'
    11. 'customers queue for such specials as vegetable lasagne'
    12. 'It's the left-hand menu specials that give me hope for the future of Chez Nous.'
    13. 'The fine-dining restaurant specialises in Californian-influenced Italian cuisine including shrimp and lobster specials served to the sounds of a live jazz band.'
    14. 'Lulu walked over to the board and with a napkin erased the absurd menu special.'
    15. 'As well as the 15 starters and the 30 main courses, there are a whole bunch of specials that are never listed but always there.'
    16. 'The heavily accented head of the restaurant read them the specials of the day while passing out the small but mouthwatering menu.'
    17. 'Since food and wine menus are printed every day, there are no specials to recite in addition to the wine pitch.'
    18. 'The menu is as all good restaurants should be, very brief with only five starters, seven main courses and four desserts - but no specials I noticed.'
    19. 'The Flying Biscuit Cafe has an ever-changing menu, and often features vegetarian specials.'
    20. 'Sausage rolls would go down well, especially if the filling was a bit special, perhaps good sausage mince mixed with game or venison.'
    21. 'I counted 20 main courses, if you include the four gourmet sandwiches and the evening special.'
    22. 'Mrs Hill was a careful shopper, choosing house brands and in-store specials'
    23. 'It's a winner when you want to inform a mass consumer audience about a short-term sale, event or special price offer.'
    24. 'Package deals and online specials may offer bigger bargains.'
    25. 'Chef Mike Moody can't wait to offer some flavorful nightly specials that will feature seafood and plenty of flavor.'
    26. 'A family or couple can save money by bulk buying those special offers in the supermarkets.'
    27. 'Offer sales, specials and even giveaways to attract people into your store.'
    28. 'There are reduced rates and specials being offered within other sections of the market.'
    29. 'Wellington is awash in curry houses, thus they tend to offer specials to entice you to eat there.'
    30. 'Many Web sites offer close-out specials at even bigger discounts.'


    1. of a distinct or particular kind or character: a special kind of key.

    2. being a particular one; particular, individual, or certain: You'd better call the special number.

    3. pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique: the special features of a plan.

    4. having a specific or particular function, purpose, etc.: a special messenger.

    5. distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual: a special occasion; to fix som

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    "people can be special to people."

    "people can be special in ways."

    "elections can be special for people."

    "companies can be special in extents."

    "banks can be special in senses."

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    Middle English: shortening of Old French especial ‘especial’ or Latin specialis, from species ‘appearance’ (see species).


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