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  1. 'Wandering through my splendiferous suite, which was about the same size as my house back home, I had the uneasy feeling that at any minute some Italian count would turn up and turf me out of his holiday flat.'
  2. 'But that's the price of a flat in Manchester or a splendiferous car!'
  3. 'Back in our 7th floor hotel room, the view from our window was now illuminated - and yet more splendiferous.'
  4. 'The original production, directed as an exercise in splendiferous irony by Harold Prince and Michael Bennett, was by my lights the finest musical of its decade.'
  5. 'My Spice of Life award goes to the Bhutanese delegates, who looked simply splendiferous in their native costume, a shortened quasikimono with knee-high black socks and loafers.'


1. splendid; magnificent; fine.

More examples(as adjective)

"games can be splendiferous."


Mid 19th century: formed irregularly from splendour.