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Playful; light-hearted.
  1. 'Brown has long had about him a sportive, Cyrano-esque panache.'
  2. 'Jane Austen and the French Revolution provoked one of the most amusing of New Statesman competitions, asking sportive readers of the magazine to come up with the most unlikely titles for literary critical works they could think of.'
  3. 'On the south side, almost at the edge of the cliff, stood a stone circle until it was tipped piecemeal over the brink by sportive youths.'
  4. 'a sportive man who drank and loved too much'
Relating to, interested in, or good at sport.
  1. 'I was always a very sportive person—I played almost every sport'
  2. 'Psychology can have a big impact on sportive performance - our heads probably count for 70 percent of our performances.'
  3. 'For example in Russian the name roughly translates to sportive gymnastics, while the term 'artistic gymnastics' refers to what we call rhythmic gymnastics.'
  4. 'So how is he going to solve the political, personal and sportive configurations if he makes up his mind?'
  5. 'The profile conveys its sportive nature and combines a high-performance propulsion system with the comfort of a traditional motor yacht.'
  6. 'It's summertime and weekend trips for sportive or business reasons are on the list!'
  7. 'He used moire, a classic, slightly old-fashioned couture kind of silk for bomber jackets and sportive pants.'
  8. 'Enhanced parasympathetic activity of sportive women is paradoxically associated to enhanced resting energy expenditure.'


A long-distance road cycling event in which a large number of cyclists ride a marked route.
  1. 'For a 100-mile sportive I would start very steady.'
  2. 'Their traditional, voluntarist rides were losing out to the modern, glitzy sportive.'
  3. 'Training on a Wattbike is without doubt the most effective way to prepare for a challenging sportive.'
  4. 'For the past decade, Koolstof Coaching have been helping cyclists of all abilities reach their goals, from novice sportive riders to professionals.'
  5. 'Whether it's getting to a sportive with your mates or taking the family on holiday, at times we all need to carry our bikes by car.'


1. playful or frolicsome; jesting, jocose, or merry: a sportive puppy.

2. done in sport, rather than in earnest: a sportive show of affection.

3. pertaining to or of the nature of a sport or sports.

4. Biology. mutative.

5. Archaic. ardent; wanton.

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"people can be sportive as pairs."

"sunshines can be sportive."

"quakes can be sportive."

"people can be sportive."

"horrors can be sportive."

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Early 21st century: shortened from cyclosportive.