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Courageous and determined.
  1. 'I really adored Ella because she's so spunky and free-spirited.'
  2. 'But he can't help getting attracted to her - she's pretty, spunky, and somehow vulnerable…'
  3. 'The Australian Chamber Orchestra is now 28 years old, but under spunky young director/violinist Richard Tongetti, looks and talent have combined to make it one of the world's great ensembles.'
  4. 'Laura said it's the perfect home for her and her husband, Darren, and their spunky 8-year old daughter, Sarah.'
  5. 'She plays Jade, a spunky 20-year-old scraping by as a freelance photographer.'
  6. 'At 52, Moore is still a spry, spunky performer giving all manner of well-rehearsed guitar hero poses.'
  7. 'So Hill did what any gutsy, spunky assertive women would do in her situation.'
  8. 'They are all pretty stock anime types: the spunky outsider, the brilliant and egotistical warrior, the brooding and sinister leader, the ditzy girl, the mentor, and so on.'
  9. 'I smiled, she was a spunky girl and attractive at that.'
  10. 'The spunky teen went on to pursue a PhD in neuroscience.'
Sexually attractive.
  1. 'Gynaecologists in Sydney have been known to leave their wives for younger, spunkier patients.'
  2. 'Me and a friend were kind of flirting with a group of guys from across the room… very spunky guys.'


1. plucky; spirited.

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"people can be spunky."

"rocks can be spunky."

"performances can be spunky."

"loves can be spunky."

"lasses can be spunky."

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