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(of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed.
  1. 'In this area seasonal temperatures and salinities vary little from year to year and the thermocline structure is rather stable.'
  2. 'Wearing felt-bottomed Orvis Henry's Fork wading shoes, I felt just a bit more stable, but balancing over these oversize ball-bearings was pretty athletic stuff.'
  3. 'Here are three of the stable structures that can be made using supermagnetic spheres and nothing else.'
  4. 'The structure is very stable; the glass plates are so strong they may be walked on and the net structure can carry huge loads of snow.'
  5. 'It is very important to make sure the three legs are firmly locked into place and the whole structure is stable.'
  6. 'It's reassuringly stable, yet easily rocked to brace against side-waves.'
  7. 'Single 5-ns length simulations were performed on each model and both model structures were stable over the entire simulation.'
  8. 'Nations are urged to create good banking systems, reasonable interest and exchange rates, and stable tax structures.'
  9. 'All those recent results suggest a flexibility of the backbone conformational structure and several stable configurations are proposed and debated.'
  10. 'Concrete frames, however, are more stable structures.'
  11. 'he is now in a stable condition in hospital'
  12. 'Eight stable patients with brain damage and 10 normal adults were studied.'
  13. 'Martinez says his shoulder feels more stable, but after failing to make 30 starts in any of the previous three seasons, he offers no guarantees.'
  14. 'Recognition that the spleen had ruptured was delayed because of the patient's stable clinical condition and lack of coexisting symptoms of infectious mononucleosis.'
  15. 'Health officials said the patient was in a stable condition after immediate and effective treatment at the hospital.'
  16. 'When the patient's condition is stable, he or she is transferred to the transplantation unit.'
  17. 'Once patients are medically stable, they should be transferred to a stroke rehabilitation unit if further rehabilitation is required.'
  18. 'Goksel et al wrote a brief description of an inpatient service that used nurse practitioners to manage medically stable hospitalized patients.'
  19. 'In contrast, stable patients in the clinic setting may be tested at intervals of only 10-13 weeks.'
  20. 'Horn remained in critical but stable condition at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, about two miles north of the Mirage hotel-casino.'
  21. 'A 44-year-old man was seen because his generally stable and easily controlled hypertension had recently become labile.'
  22. 'Hope your own love life is a bit more sane, or stable, or whatever, than my own and those of some of your other readers.'
  23. 'As a result, those who practise Karate get to know themselves better, are able to make sound judgments and achieve stable emotions even under trying circumstances.'
  24. 'We want to feel we are living fully, and even though we may be very sane and stable, we have doubts about whether or not we are living up to our own expectations.'
  25. 'Liberal societies are sane, tolerant, stable, pluralistic and therefore well behaved.'
  26. 'Despite the fact that he was somewhat less than mentally stable, he easily understood the meaning of money.'
  27. 'Taken collectively, such episodes destabilize the notion of a coherent, stable self while detaching the mind's moorings in the individual body.'
  28. 'a stable relationship'
  29. 'The evolution of inherited forms of behavior is as plausible as the evolution of any function of the organism when the environment can be regarded as reasonably stable.'
  30. 'Even historically stable democracies have failed to integrate fully and equally the opinions and interests of the female half of the population.'
  31. 'Vector lengths are short in lodgepole pine and red fir-western white pine forests indicating that these forest groups are compositionally stable.'
  32. 'No, the weather seems reasonably stable today, just looking outside.'
  33. 'If you delay child-bearing until your mid-twenties or your early thirties, you are far more likely to have a good job, educational qualifications and a stable relationship.'
  34. 'Furthermore, as Blackboard is an established, stable system, we experienced few, if any, technical difficulties.'
  35. 'Again the picture differs markedly from the classic corporate model in which business depends upon established, stable relationships.'
  36. 'I think that relationships would be more stable, more loving, and more committed if people were able to feel comfortable about expressing their fears or desires openly and honestly.'
  37. '‘We should now be coming into a period of stable consumption and balanced market providing stronger prices,’ he said.'
  38. 'In doing so you will ensure that you are getting married for the right reason - the stable foundation of love and not the unstable foundation of sex.'
  39. 'isocyanic acid reacts with amino groups to form a stable compound'
  40. 'Davy had developed a technique by which unusually stable compounds could be decomposed into their constituent elements.'
  41. 'Also, the chemical plant was processing ammonium nitrate, a stable chemical that requires a substantial infusion of energy to explode.'
  42. 'Once the active fluorine is chemically bound the resulting molecule is generally stable and unreactive.'
  43. 'However, unlike regular metals, the transition elements can easily form extremely stable coordination complexes.'
  44. 'The alpha particle is emitted by certain radioactive elements as they decay to a stable element.'
  45. 'Nuclear reactions, like those conducted in Lawrence's particle accelerators, can convert stable nuclei into unstable ones.'
  46. 'The development of isotopic tracers during the war was a by-product of the preparation of radioactive and stable isotopes in connection with work on the atomic bomb.'
  47. 'Radioactive atoms decay into stable atoms by a simple mathematical process.'
  48. 'If the sodium atom loses one electron and the chlorine atoms gains one, the ions will have stable octets.'
  49. 'If the nucleus of the an atom has too few neutrons to be stable, however, positron emission occurs.'


A building set apart and adapted for keeping horses.
  1. 'When we got to the stables we handed the horses back to the stable hands and thanked them.'
  2. 'A servant would put his horse back in the stable.'
  3. 'She soon took the reins again and guided the horse back to the stables.'
  4. 'As Jesse walked away, he led the horse back to the stables; a gust wind bit at his face and he pulled his bandanna over his nose and mouth, wincing.'
  5. 'She led the horse out of the stables, and into the wide, open pasture where a trail cut through rows upon rows of apple trees.'
  6. 'She ran her horse back to the stables, and hopped off its back.'
  7. 'The knights led their horses over to the stables where the stable hands took them.'
  8. 'They both made their way down to the palace stables by the back of the north courtyard.'
  9. 'When I got back I mucked out the stables and cleaned the rest of the barn.'
  10. 'They walked their horses back to the stables and then handed them off to the stable boys.'
  11. 'racing stables'
  12. 'Stringent guidelines are in place at racecourses and racing stables for disinfecting everything that comes in and out of the premises.'
  13. 'From there, he became a groom, then foreman of the racing stable, then assistant farm manager/trainer in Greenville, Georgia.'
  14. 'Historically the pub has been used by people from the local racing stables, from the lads up to the trainers and owners.'
  15. 'Stevens was hired as farm manager and trainer in 1981 after running a public stable for several years.'
  16. 'His Sheriff Hutton stables trains a host of future racing stars amid top-class facilities.'
  17. 'By now, Miller was as well known around racecourses and training stables as on cricket fields.'
  18. 'Susan Bradburne now summons him at the first sight of trouble and he is a regular visitor to many racing stables throughout Scotland.'
  19. 'He has built a house and stables on the racecourse side of the Curragh and has bought some well bred horses, including two by Sadler's Wells.'
  20. 'Noblemen founded stables and became interested in breeding thoroughbred racehorses.'
  21. 'In fact, all individuals and most liveries, stables and other establishments that keep horses will not be subject to the new charges.'
  22. 'Every dollar I scrimped or saved barely had time to cool in my hands before it was in the cash register at the local store and I was on the way home with another addition to my racing stable.'
  23. 'I want it to be a stable that produces winners every day, day in, day out, and has good horses on Saturdays.'
  24. 'Janiak purchased Takeover Target as an unraced castoff from the stable of his friend, the late trainer John Morrish.'
  25. 'All of this was built for wealthy bachelor Edmund Bowman who had his own private training track and stable, a pack of foxhounds and on his own cricket ground entertained the English cricketers.'
  26. 'Amonte, who also trains and keeps a small stable at Suffolk Downs, has been based in New England since 1993 with an eye on retirement.'
  27. 'the player comes from the same stable as Agassi'
  28. 'Curious heads walked into the campus to check out what was to unfold from the stables of the School of Commerce and International Business.'
  29. 'Diageo, on the other hand, plans to add the product to its own stable.'
  30. 'The tycoon's stable of companies includes Malaysia Airlines.'
  31. 'Madame Roux is the latest addition to the City's growing sporting stable, which already includes a ladies football team and various motor-racing interests.'
  32. 'The racing stable consists of Jeep, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and the ultimate off-road brute, Humvee.'
  33. 'Mr. Barve took over as managing director of this company and has, since, been responsible for the introduction of several mutual fund products from this stable.'


Put or keep (a horse) in a stable.
  1. 'After the war, when he was director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, he stabled riding horses on the grounds.'
  2. 'With time running down, the commission said management must develop alternative plans for stabling horses, including opening talks with Delaware Park, if Laurel is unready for training.'
  3. 'An estimated 150 to 160 horses were stabled at Ellis Park when the tornado hit.'
  4. 'She walked out to the closest barn, where the riding horses were stabled for everyday use by the various ranch hands, the children, and Dortam.'
  5. 'The barn also serves as a boarding barn and at times has been known to stable over sixty horses.'
  6. 'They begged Gawain to enter, then helped him to dismount and ran to stable his horse.'
  7. 'Her three horses were stabled out in the larger barn.'
  8. 'And he joined the Bloomfield Hills Hunt Club, where his daughter stables her horse.'
  9. 'They stabled the horses in a small makeshift stable that was in the very back of the warehouse.'
  10. 'Birks said the money was collected in cash from people stabling horses at the farm.'
  11. 'one of the two locomotives was stabled at Fort William'
  12. 'Ten years later, in July 1949, the royal train was stabled in the old station prior to returning Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to London.'
  13. 'Trains will also be stabled at the depot overnight with the capability to service up to nine three-car trains each evening.'


1. a building for the lodging and feeding of horses, cattle, etc.

2. such a building with stalls.

3. a collection of animals housed in such a building.

4. Horse Racing. an establishment where racehorses are kept and trained. the horses belonging to, or the persons connected with, such an establishment.

5. Informal. a number of people, usually in the same profession, who are employed, trained, or represented by the same company, agency, manager, etc.: a comedy show with a large stable

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"prices can be stable in tradings."

"banks can be stable at rupees."

"prices can be stable on dates."

"rates can be stable at percents."

"moneys can be stable at percents."

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(stable)Middle English: shortening of Old French estable ‘stable, pigsty’, from Latin stabulum, from the base of stare ‘to stand’.


shut (or bolt) the stable door after the horse has bolted