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Raise levels of physiological or nervous activity in (the body or any biological system)
  1. 'The cause of migraine is not fully understood but involves the balance between the body processes that stimulate the nervous system and those that relax it.'
  2. 'Exercising stimulates body systems so that metabolic efficiency is stepped up.'
  3. 'Claims have been made that DHEA increases vitality, prevents cardiovascular disease and cancer, stimulates the immune system and facilitates weight loss.'
  4. 'Clot formation stimulates the fibrinolytic system, which begins the process of dot dissolution.'
  5. 'The researchers injected the DNA plasmid, which encodes a gene that stimulates the immune system, directly into the tumor site in mice.'
  6. 'What is this, some sort of muscular chemical which attacks the immune system or stimulates the immune system more than would normally occur in somebody who carries Staphylococcus.'
  7. 'Garlic stimulates the lymphatic system and helps it to throw off toxins.'
  8. 'In this case, the autonomic system is stimulated because the woman is not producing enough of the female sex hormone, oestrogen.'
  9. 'Intrauterine devices work primarily as a foreign body stimulating the immune system into producing an excess of leukocytes and prostaglandins.'
  10. 'This is accomplished by electrically stimulating the nervous system.'
  11. 'the reader could not fail to be stimulated by the ideas presented'
  12. 'Her infectious enthusiasm and personal encouragement stimulated many younger scientists to work in the field.'
  13. 'German restaurants have encouraged the move to drier wines and have stimulated an interest in food and wine matching.'
  14. 'Some of the media exposure is good because it stimulates interest in the occult, but even that exposure does not necessarily tell people the truth about the beliefs we hold.'
  15. 'The unexpected discovery of this cycle has stimulated much interest in the field as well as in the popular press.'
  16. 'This is a well-crafted, stimulating book of wide interest to all students of early modern culture.'
  17. 'It gets children out of their normal environment and stimulates their interest.'
  18. 'Youngsters must find something to excite their interest and stimulate their thinking.'
  19. 'We also hope that these papers will stimulate interest and provoke responses which readers may wish to share.'
  20. 'The time he spent in Switzerland in 1824, and his journey along the Rhine in 1825, may also have stimulated his considerable interest in mineralogy.'
  21. 'If we do so, our centers of higher education will become rich and stimulating environments for learning and producing knowledge.'
  22. 'At the same time, biotechnology can create high-paying jobs and stimulate economic development.'
  23. 'At these the chamber and the City gave presentations on their plans to stimulate economic development and business growth.'
  24. 'Encouraging entrepreneurialism at this stage, he says, would only help to further stimulate economic growth in the future.'
  25. 'A pioneering initiative launched a year ago is stimulating the emergence of a new wave of Asian businesswomen in Bradford.'
  26. 'The massive savings would slash business rates and stimulate growth.'
  27. 'This award will recognise their leading position in stimulating innovation and new technology to support the development of their business.'
  28. 'For many species, GA 3 produced by developing seeds stimulates the growth and maturation of that fruit.'
  29. 'This problem has stimulated interest in electronic methods of organising and accessing information.'
  30. 'The phenomenon of helping in cooperative breeding animals has stimulated a great deal of research.'
  31. 'The next Labour government might even stimulate the process by its plans to take account of any deal's global impact on future competition policy.'

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1. to rouse to action or effort, as by encouragement or pressure; spur on; incite: to stimulate his interest in mathematics.

2. Physiology, Medicine/Medical. to excite (a nerve, gland, etc.) to its functional activity.

3. to invigorate (a person) by a food or beverage containing a stimulant, as coffee, tea, or alcoholic liquor. verb (used without object), stimulated, stimulating.

4. to act as a stimulus or stimulant.

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"bills can be stimulate for years."

"types can be stimulate."

"mores can be stimulate."

"models can be stimulate."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘sting, afflict’): from Latin stimulat- ‘urged, goaded’, from the verb stimulare.