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Celebrated in or associated with stories or legends.
  1. 'New England's coastal towns are some of America's oldest, and few have a more storied or colorful past than Mystic, Connecticut in the southeastern part of the state.'
  2. 'Our early libraries served a valuable role in documenting our sport's storied past.'
  3. 'Perhaps we live in an era that finds so little to admire in itself that it feels compelled to cut the storied past down to the size of the tabloid present.'



    1. recorded or celebrated in history or story: the storied cities of ancient Greece.

    2. ornamented with designs representing historical, legendary, or similar subjects.

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    "histories can be storied."

    "franchises can be storied."

    "careers can be storied."

    "programmes can be storied."

    "people/places/organizations can be storied."

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