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Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.
  1. 'Once they have successfully flown the next two or three missions, NASA will have to begin some difficult long-term strategic planning.'
  2. 'I found it interesting that strategic planning, problem-solving and common sense did not even make the top 10.'
  3. 'The outcome is transparency to all stakeholders that is systematically incorporated as part of the overall strategic planning and business operations process.'
  4. 'This was to measure the effect an e-business package might have on the company's structure, strategic planning and overall way of doing business.'
  5. 'Kildare Town is designated as a secondary growth town under the strategic planning guidelines with considerable house building going on, and plans in track for more.'
  6. 'The rule of law eventually punishes and minimizes corruption and theft, which is one reason democracy is a strategic weapon against terrorism.'
  7. 'Those last-minute creative rushes bring a vibrancy and an energy to catwalk presentations that no amount of strategic planning can ever achieve.'
  8. 'The rapid growth in the older adult market over the next few decades is a factor every health and fitness club must consider in their strategic planning.'
  9. 'Secondly, there appears to be a general aversion among Labor and Democrats to long-term policy planning and strategic thinking.'
  10. 'It was not a strategic planning decision affected by considerations of public interest.'
  11. 'alarms are positioned at strategic points around the prison'
  12. 'The plan has made an assessment of the extent of areas which could be considered to be ‘strategic locations’.'
  13. 'Bridgewater has a great deal to offer in terms of being a strategic location for industrial, commercial, retail, and service sector development.'
  14. 'The systems world provides management designs, strategic and tactical actions, policies, and procedures.'
Relating to the gaining of overall or long-term military advantage.
  1. 'British strategic and commercial interests'
  2. 'It is extremely difficult to merge companies in general, but even more so companies that have been from their birth so identified with strategic national interests.'
  3. 'This raises the question as to whether we in Australia is applying our limited resources in our best long-term strategic interests.'
  4. 'Imperialism depended on dominating, humiliating and exploiting others, and on drawing artificial boundaries for European strategic purposes.'
  5. 'Implicit in his argument is the belief that American foreign policy flows from strategic considerations of national interest.'
  6. 'In the 15th century artillery emerged as a strategic weapons system.'
  7. 'They became too much an organ of the Nazi Party and were used more for its own ends than to help fulfil strategic military objectives.'
  8. 'No longer would the Fort Limhi serve as a strategic location in Young's plan of last resort.'
  9. 'The cynical exploitation of international conflicts to wage war to achieve such a crass strategic end is what makes this war so immoral.'
  10. 'According to Shimizu, Japan set up a Japanese Legation in Baghdad in 1939, for political and strategic purposes, as part of its Islamic policy.'
  11. 'This is difficult to judge because diplomatic and strategic considerations are involved.'
  12. 'The key to this scheme for world hegemony is unchallenged rule over the Eurasian continent and control of its strategic resources, first and foremost, petroleum.'
  13. 'So issues such as occupation, control over strategic resources and imperialism are never brought up.'
  14. 'Is it feasible for a country like Namibia to procure a national strategic resource like petroleum from a single source?'
  15. 'When each failed to win control of the central state, the locus of conflict shifted to major strategic resources such as cities and ports, fragmenting the clan alliances.'
  16. 'This is a priceless strategic resource, and the Army's major contribution today to the formulation of national strategy.'
  17. 'The beginning of the Cold War intensified anxieties about the nation's supply of strategic resources.'
  18. 'I found that Michael Klare has written an uneven but topical text on strategic resources.'
  19. 'For Japan, the South China Sea and the waters off Taiwan are vital for transporting oil and other important strategic resources.'
  20. 'Elite groups are engaged in an internecine struggle for control of the continent's strategic resources.'
  21. 'In future, foreign companies will be allowed only a minority holding in firms applying for licences to tap and extract strategic resources like oil and gas.'
  22. 'strategic nuclear missiles'
  23. 'At the centre of the strategy was a commitment to strategic bombing, the long-range and independent assault on the economic and military infrastructure of the enemy state.'
  24. 'In its main role as a strategic weapon, the payload would be a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead (not that it is suggested that the warheads were sold).'
  25. 'Ask yourself what you expect of strategic bombing, or more specifically, what is strategic bombing?'
  26. 'This included the strategic bombing of Halifax and first-strike use of poison gas, if necessary.'
  27. 'Prior to WWII air power advocates considered strategic bombing to be key to breaking enemy production capacity and civilian morale.'
  28. 'Several decades ago, the USSR developed nuclear weapons and strategic missiles.'
  29. 'The United States has spent a trillion dollars on nuclear strategic weapons, such as missiles, submarines and bombers.'
  30. 'From May 1944, the strategic bombing of Germany entered a new stage, destroying not only war production, but also supply routes and oil refineries.'
  31. 'It would provoke the antagonism of many Russian politicians and embolden those who were opposed to negotiations with the United States to reduce nuclear and other strategic weapons.'
  32. 'When we come back, a look at the history of hostage-taking as a strategic weapons of guerilla warfare.'


1. pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of strategy: strategic movements.

2. important in or essential to strategy.

3. (of an action, as a military operation or a move in a game) forming an integral part of a stratagem: a strategic move in a game of chess.

4. Military. intended to render the enemy incapable of making war, as by the destruction of materials, factories, etc.: a strategic bombing mission. essential to the conduct of a war: Copper is a strategic m

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"opportunities can be strategic to plans."

"firms can be strategic from sales."

"ventures can be strategic to growths."

"schools can be strategic for futures."

"projects can be strategic as pipelines."

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Early 19th century: from French stratégique, from Greek stratēgikos, from stratēgos (see stratagem).