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Fashionably elegant and sophisticated.
  1. 'a stylish cocktail bar'
  2. 'It's slimming and comfortable and stylish and is the perfect complement to either a smart or casual outfit.'
  3. 'One science teacher tried to convince me that his suit was stylish and expensive.'
  4. 'We choose Vrinda and Sylvie because they are different, contemporary and stylish.'
  5. 'Children were challenged to design a stylish outfit able to withstand the British weather.'
  6. 'Once in a while the right dress, fancy footwear and a stylish hairdo takes care of that.'
  7. 'That may well be Mr Jackson himself sitting in the car in peaked cap and greatcoat next to the elegant lady in fur collar and stylish hat.'
  8. 'A good girl can wear what she likes, provided it is stylish, demure, a decent length and a smart cut.'
  9. 'It's perfect hair for now - it looks stylish even though it isn't a particular style.'
  10. 'The French and Italians spend small fortunes on these added extras, and always look smart and stylish as a result.'
  11. 'Those who stand out for style in the high street are not always the most stylish.'
  12. 'he put his heart and soul into a stylish performance'
  13. 'Composer and concert performer Richard Dubugnon's work is spiky, stylish and short.'
  14. 'The stylish cinematography shows New York at its most vibrant and sexy.'
  15. 'Altman has teamed up with stylish US pay-per-view station HBO to get his flick made.'
  16. 'That is the kind of attitude that makes Scotland very stylish indeed.'
  17. 'Its stylish reading room was one of the earliest works completed by the architecture firm of De Blacam and Meagher.'
  18. 'Despite losing some of its momentum in the reprise, this was a stylish performance.'
  19. 'Musically, too, it proves deeply rewarding under Yves Abel's stylish Mozartian baton.'
  20. 'Hip, stylish German film has little to tell but offers a lot of exciting cinematic exercises.'
  21. 'Told partly in flashback, this stylish thriller is a cool crime flick that keeps you guessing until the end.'
  22. 'Chambers did so in memorable fashion, looking the most stylish runner in all the early rounds.'


1. characterized by or conforming to style or the fashionable standard; fashionably elegant; smart or chic: She wore a very stylish gown to the inaugural ball.

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"rituals can be stylish to people."

"people can be stylish with vintages."

"people can be stylish for ages."

"people can be stylish at whiles."

"people can be stylish."

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