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Not able to be done or made again.
  1. 'With his girlfriend, Sheryl Crow, the rock star, alongside him and with this unique, probably unrepeatable sporting achievement under his belt, he is now A-list as never before.'
  2. 'Dobzhansky set forth that the individual is not the embodiment of some ideal type or norm, but rather a unique and unrepeatable realization in the field of quasi-infinite possible genetic combinations.'
  3. 'For Croce, all phenomena were unique and unrepeatable.'
  4. 'Rather than treating 1929 as a unique, unrepeatable episode of madness in the markets, we now more readily accept that bubbles and bubble mania are inherent in markets, driven as they are by those great emotional motors of greed and fear.'
  5. 'Overall, Caesar's Park suggests that, while American Movie was an unrepeatable one-off, the Sarah Price / Chris Smith partnership has a bright future ahead of it in producing entertaining documentaries.'
  6. 'However, origins science deals with the origin of things in the past - unique, unrepeatable, unobservable events.'
  7. 'She was also quoted some years ago and, surprise surprise, their commercial division was experiencing the very same problems and had been able to quote her an unrepeatable price.'
  8. 'The following year, Sydney Box was appointed head of Gainsborough Pictures, on the assumption that he would work similar magic on the ailing studio - but The Seventh Veil turned out to be an unrepeatable one-off.'
  9. 'Furthermore, evolution is a theory that deals with ancient and unrepeatable events.'
  10. 'We present, as an unrepeatable Christmas offer, a selection of rare limited-edition adult action figures celebrating the past year.'
Too offensive or shocking to be said again.
  1. 'The manager on duty was asked to fire me on two separate occasions for refusing people use of the toilets and I also got called any number of names - some of which are unrepeatable.'
  2. 'He glared at Robyn's back and muttered something unrepeatable under his breath.'
  3. 'What Chambers thought of that decision is probably unrepeatable.'
  4. 'He took offence and called me something unrepeatable.'
  5. 'We had a great time. I can't quite tell you everything that went on though - not so much that it was unrepeatable but rather more to do with the fact that by 2am I was rather too drunk to remember it all!'
  6. 'Of course, the feminist in me rolls her eyes and mutters some unrepeatable comments about the stupidity of men during this and other scenarios that can only be classed as pure male idiocy.'
  7. 'A few words flashed into her head, most uncomplimentary, some unrepeatable.'
  8. 'He ran over uttering an unrepeatable expletive on the way as he recognised my predicament, which by this time was serious.'
  9. 'Regrettably, much of it is unrepeatable in the pages of this newspaper due to the sheer nastiness but, thankfully, there was also a degree of humour attached to one or two outpourings.'


1. to say or utter again (something already said): to repeat a word for emphasis.

2. to say or utter in reproducing the words, inflections, etc., of another: to repeat a sentence after the teacher.

3. to reproduce (utterances, sounds, etc.) in the manner of an echo, a phonograph, or the like.

4. to tell (something heard) to another or others.

5. to do, make, or perform again: to repeat an action.

6. to go through or undergo again: to repeat an experience.

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"experiments can be unrepeatable."

"events can be unrepeatable."

"people can be unrepeatable."

"names can be unrepeatable."

"words can be unrepeatable."

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