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Having paid employment.
  1. 'Personal pensions were set up because the working population has become more mobile.'
  2. 'Over half the women who are employed in most urban areas are working mothers.'
  3. 'Moreover these old industries now employ only a tiny fraction of the working population.'
  4. 'Most of the working women are employed as seamstresses in the dressmaking industry.'
  5. 'Despite this, many working mothers encounter few problems and have supportive employers.'
  6. 'It is nearer one tenth of the population or one fifth of the working population.'
  7. 'That includes trying to increase the working population in Scotland.'
  8. 'Where is this compassionate Government that cares for the working person and the employee?'
  9. 'They thus contributed to the further political disorientation of the working population.'
  10. 'Her stories are told without censure, and with sympathy for both children and parents, especially working mothers.'
  11. 'the vote is no longer sufficient protection for the working man'
  12. '"I guess you'd say I'm kind of a working man's lawyer."'
  13. 'Notwithstanding the difficult working conditions, a major inroad was made.'
  14. 'Does an employee have a duty not to bad-mouth their employer out of working hours?'
  15. 'In May, workers walked off the job to protest unsafe working conditions.'
  16. 'Another 200,000 died from hunger, disease, and inhumane working conditions.'
  17. 'The Smiths have cook-ins during the weekends to make meals for the working week using fresh produce.'
  18. 'Therefore we shall be in a position to offer attractive wages and suitable working conditions.'
  19. 'Full employment through shorter working hours at worker co-ops was the ideal.'
  20. 'He was a well-known advocate for better working conditions and higher pay for Cambodian workers.'
  21. 'If hired as a runner, always, always get a signed contract with your working terms and conditions.'
  22. 'Employees are often forced to work a seven-day week and complain of low wages and poor working conditions.'
  23. 'the Norfolk Terrier was developed as a working dog on farms'
  24. 'He was also a renowned and skilful dog trainer and was never without a good working dog.'
  25. 'Perhaps one-third of the land under crop was taken up by oats grown to feed a farm's own working horses.'
  26. 'Hunt supporters from the region will be taking dozens of working dogs to protest against the ban outside Parliament.'
  27. 'In summary, it appears that stomach ulcers are a common finding in foals and working horses.'
  28. 'He said the dogs were treated as working dogs rather than as pets but were still loved by their handlers.'
  29. 'The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association says it is cruel to keep the working dog locked up for eight hours each day.'
  30. 'Ms Lloyd said cacti could injure livestock and working dogs and contaminate wool.'
  31. 'It was also a chance for city dwellers to take a closer look at ferrets, birds of prey and working dogs.'
  32. 'A horse could live on hay and grass alone, but eating time and bulk both had to be reduced for a working horse.'
  33. 'During the time that the baits were out, our three yard and working dogs were on the chain.'
Functioning or able to function.
  1. 'Therefore, the working model presented provides only a rough picture of what is really going on.'
  2. 'The highlight of this particular gallery will be the large working scale model of the Town Mill.'
  3. 'Judges moving among the audience keenly observed the working models and rated the best projects.'
  4. 'While the idea of creating actual working models was pretty cool, the actual execution was far from satisfying.'
  5. 'The students made use of charts and working models to explain their experiments.'
  6. 'Additional data is now being collected to set up a working model for managing traffic flow.'
  7. 'So, it's difficult to create a working model to handle the relief logistics ahead of time.'
  8. 'Williams says that although in many cases scientists have worked out how it happens, he wants to build a working model of the process.'
  9. 'Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service stresses the importance of having a working smoke alarm.'
  10. 'Class Two involves the design and manufacture of a working car chassis as well as competing in numerous static events.'
  11. 'the working parts of a digital watch'
  12. 'Listen, if you take a working part out of a machine you end up with junk!'
(of a theory, definition, or title) used as the basis for work or argument and likely to be developed or improved later.
  1. 'Then, each interviewee was asked how the working definition compares with his or her own.'
  2. 'Can we establish a working theory to explain these exceptions, and what consequences might this have?'
  3. 'I wrote an original screenplay for a film which has the working title Personal Honour.'
  4. 'So we must accept a working definition at some point, and go with it, flaws and all.'
  5. 'This, of course, is all debatable as well, but it at least seems like a working hypothesis.'
  6. 'On the basis of the results a working hypothesis has been developed which is summarized in Fig.7.'
  7. 'I'm going to use that as my working definition of gumption from now on.'
  8. 'It has a working title and even that's more than I've managed to create in ages.'
  9. 'No one knows for sure, but there is a working theory currently making the rounds.'
  10. 'I'm definitely going to have to take some time to formulate a working theory in my own mind.'
  11. 'they have a working knowledge of contract law'
  12. 'Postgraduate study and a working knowledge of the latest industry advances are key.'
  13. 'But a working knowledge of English is not necessary for daily life in Greenland.'
  14. 'But not all of you will require a working knowledge of English grammar to get by in life.'
  15. 'He has a working knowledge of French, but for some reason does not get on well with the French boys.'
  16. 'It was sheer luck that, by the time he was an adult, he had a working knowledge of some of the finest food in the world.'
  17. 'A working knowledge of basic mathematical concepts is essential in modern life.'
  18. 'Computer skills are essential, as is a working knowledge of control systems.'
  19. 'And as a way of indicating the process by which she acquired a working knowledge of the city around her, it rings untrue.'


The action of doing work.
  1. 'I decided to leave school and concentrate on playing golf and working at night.'
  2. 'He told those attending she had ‘aura, charisma and a precious gift of working with children’.'
  3. 'Some believe that working two shifts will cut hourly machine costs in half.'
  4. 'I still find the whole working from home thing a bit of a task.'
  5. 'She works in the garden there, particularly enjoying working with flowers.'
  6. 'I'm surprised this is not a more frequent event with the daily working of school buses.'
  7. 'It was great fun to work there and I loved working as a team.'
  8. 'And Mr Blair said ID cards would help against illegal immigration and working.'
  9. 'We need to build our links with the community through coalition work and working with other unions.'
  10. 'The spring 1998 timetable change makes it possible to photograph this working in Cornwall in daylight'
The way in which a machine, organization, or system operates.
  1. 'Ultimately, it precludes a collective understanding of the workings of an economic system which destroys people's lives.'
  2. 'Why should I have to understand the inner workings of this machine?'
  3. 'The internal workings of the machines cannot be examined by citizens, political opponents or technology experts.'
  4. 'They are alone with the rollercoaster of emotion even though they are still part of the workings of political machine.'
  5. 'However, with the increasingly detailed knowledge of the workings of the human machine, we began to slowly develop a pattern that might just explain why.'
  6. 'The structure of the political system and the workings of that system favour those who have economic influence.'
  7. 'He gained a lot more insight into the workings of our legal system from his experience than I did from mine.'
  8. 'We need to be able to have confidence in the justice system and everyone needs to be able to have confidence in the workings of that justice system.'
  9. 'Another potential use for the system is in providing information about the workings of buildings or machinery not visible to the naked eye.'
  10. 'And they also had to study up on DNA science and the workings of the legal system.'
  11. 'show details of workings in your answer book'
  12. 'As soon as he viewed a window detailing the current workings of the sound detecting code, he realised something was awfully wrong.'
A mine or a part of a mine from which minerals are being extracted.
  1. 'But the same would be likely to apply to inert waste deposited at the County's exhausted minerals workings or landfill sites.'
  2. 'The ancient mine workings are mostly open-cut trenches of up to a few metres in depth.'
  3. 'With the dumps gone, datolite collecting switched to the accessible underground workings of the Michigan mine.'
  4. 'It was centered on the Black Iron mine workings.'
  5. 'Unbeknownst to them, the dam was constructed over five disused mine shafts, which led into the underground workings of an old mine.'
  6. 'On the other hand, wherever intelligence and tractability mattered, as in mine workings and coal pits, and in pulling harvesters and ploughs, horses were the favoured form of power.'
  7. 'This vein trends to the northeast, and it is likely that it intersects the Greenbank vein somewhere to the north of the current mine workings.'
  8. 'Caves, tunnels and mine workings may be used to provide cover for communications centers and stations.'
  9. 'He employed thirty to forty men in the mid-1930s and extracted ore from underground workings that were accessed by shafts and declines.'
  10. 'Just when he moved into the capacious double-cave system, among the old slate quarry workings of Castle Crag, is not certain.'


1. the act of a person or thing that works.

2. operation; action: the involuted workings of his mind.

3. the process of shaping a material: The working of clay is easy when it's damp.

4. the act of manufacturing or building a thing.

5. Usually, workings. a part of a mine, quarry, or the like, in which work is carried on.

6. the process of fermenting, as of yeasts.

7. a slow advance involving exertion.

8. disturbed or twisting motions: The working of his limbs revealed the dis

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