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Having or showing zeal.
  1. 'He is a zealous advocate for the rights of Irish immigrants and others as Chair of the Emerald Isle Immigration Centre.'
  2. 'Just how zealous is the religious right?'
  3. 'Will we see these zealous litter police staking out public houses.'
  4. 'Missions were built and zealous Franciscan priests set about converting the Indians living in their pueblos.'
  5. 'Her zealous commitment to politics is clearly something that Llosa sees as a special quality.'
  6. 'Now we learn of retribution efforts aimed at those who tried to correct the zealous propaganda which drove this nation into war.'
  7. 'Ann Lee and her immediate entourage were unbowed in their zealous commitment.'
  8. 'Throughout a pulsating and fiercely-contested match, Kendal were unable to please the zealous match official.'
  9. 'The schoolboys who wandered in to play cricket were chased away by a zealous guard who thoughtfully confiscated the ball.'
  10. 'He had been a fiery boy bursting with zealous defense of his friends.'


1. full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent.Synonyms: enthusiastic, eager, fervid, fervent, intense, passionate, warm.Antonyms: apathetic; lackadaisical.

More examples(as adjective)

"polices can be zealous in activities."

"people can be zealous in matters."

"people can be zealous in/at/on gs."

"people can be zealous in undertakingses."

"friends can be zealous in pursuits."

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Early 16th century: from a medieval Latin derivative of Latin zelus ‘zeal, jealousy’.