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A line or course having abrupt alternate right and left turns.
  1. 'Rectangular cells, gently arching lines and compressed zigzags proliferate across the supports.'
  2. 'Females will fly to their nests in zigzags or semi-circles to avoid leading a predator directly to the nest.'
  3. 'The company allowed for a zigzag rather than a linear route to the top.'
  4. 'Lines of anger cut across her forehead - a zigzag of violent emotions.'
  5. 'the road descends in a series of sharp zigzags'


Having the form of a zigzag; veering alternately to right and left.
  1. 'He initiated this possibility by manipulating versions of the liar's paradox with zigzag graphs of truth and falsehood states.'
  2. 'For very bulky sweater knits, serge-finish the raw edges, then seam with a narrow to medium zigzag stitch.'
  3. 'These small white cells form a continuous zigzag pattern that recalls a cardiogram; indeed, Kulik sees the artist as the heartbeat of society.'


So as to move right and left alternately.


    Have or move along in a zigzag course.
    1. 'It took us around four hours, zigzagging down steep scree, traversing rock walls with sheer drops to one side.'
    2. 'The distance wasn't even that long, but the path zigzagged so much it doubled the walking distance.'
    3. 'I once rented a scooter and zigzagged along most of San Miguel's streets to see the neighborhoods.'
    4. 'The path zigzagged through the now disused Caw Quarry, first past a stone hut and then past the opening of an old level.'
    5. 'Sense starts zigzagging like the lightning logo bolting across Captain Marvel's costume.'
    6. 'We zigzagged over the whole country like crazy.'
    7. 'In April, he was loaded onto a snow-filled train that zigzagged through Germany and Czechoslovakia for three weeks.'
    8. 'They zigzagged on every wall like miniscule bumper cars.'
    9. 'Even with the new snow, I could see a faint trail zigzagging up the ridge.'
    10. 'From there we zigzagged up a sometimes steep but relatively easy path, and crossed a few patches of snow to reach the lake.'


    1. a line, course, or progression characterized by sharp turns first to one side and then to the other.

    2. one of a series of such turns, as in a line or path. adjective

    3. proceeding or formed in a zigzag: zigzag stitches. adverb

    4. with frequent sharp turns from side to side; in a zigzag manner: The child ran zigzag along the beach. verb (used with object), zigzagged, zigzagging.

    5. to make (something) zigzag, as in form or course; move or maneuver (something) in a zigzag dir

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    "patterns can be zigzag."

    "paths can be zigzag."

    "displays can be zigzag."

    "lines can be zigzag."

    "courses can be zigzag."

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    Early 18th century: from French, from German Zickzack, symbolic of alternation of direction, first applied to fortifications.