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Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  1. 'Steve Coogan is simply amazing as the zonked and dreamy man who put Manchester back on the map for a few extraordinary years and oversaw the shift from Punk to Ecstasy Culture and Dance music.'
  2. 'My boss is going to be so happy when I show up white-faced, zonked on medication, and with pain lines in my face!'
  3. 'When we place a personal ad, it will read: ‘Two much-maligned middle-aged artistic gents seek silent sublime zonked youngsters for eating out.’'
  4. 'The Bloor syncs up The Wizard of Oz to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in what has become a cult favourite for zonked hippies.'
  5. 'The two of us were sitting around zonked, just staring out at the sea.'
  6. 'we hit the sack, zonked out'
  7. 'It was the first time I noticed that Jay was looking more tired and zonked than I figured I did.'
  8. 'I still feel pretty zonked, as it would appear I am coming down with another random illness (make the bad man stop!'
  9. 'Friday night dinner at L&S's, where we were all pretty zonked.'
  10. 'Moore deplores the madness we live daily but are too busy or too zonked to notice.'
  11. 'Right now, I'm really quite zonked and I think it's time for bed.'
  12. 'That will either mean I have a quiet day because she'll be zonked or she'll be on a tear.'
  13. 'Anyway, after I got home, had a long phone call with a friend, and went to bed zonked, I had trouble sleeping.'
  14. 'Dolly was fast asleep at my feet, Harry equally zonked, wedged into the small of my back.'
  15. 'I'm also pretty zonked and wishing I could just lie down and sleep, but that's business as usual for me.'
  16. 'I know I was pretty zonked from not getting enough sleep the night before - my hips don't deal well with sleeping on the floor, it seems.'


1. stupefied by or as if by alcohol or drugs; high.

2. exhausted or asleep.

More examples(as adjective)

"stocks can be zonked in/at/on weeks."

"stocks can be zonked."

"outs can be zonked."