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Move or travel very quickly.
  1. 'After about five minutes, another elevator zoomed past me.'
  2. 'The weekend had zoomed past, leaving me staring at the formal Sunday dinner with a mixture of exasperation and ‘don't wanna go to school blues’.'
  3. 'He put his head in his hands and watched the cars zoom past him.'
  4. 'Music carries from the various bars along the street and every once in a while a car zooms past, screeching as it swerves around the corner.'
  5. 'An assault jeep quickly zoomed ahead of the rest of the moving column, three gunmen disembarking and running forward, assault rifles raised.'
  6. 'Cars and trucks zoomed past but Tyler was thankful for the distraction.'
  7. 'When it got a little darker, I began to crack open the driver's side door every time a vehicle zoomed by to wave my flashlight.'
  8. 'Once she had gunned the engine of her corvette, she zoomed back home to Pinnacle Point.'
  9. 'Plenty of cars were parked against the sidewalk, but a few still zoomed by.'
  10. 'The story is, we found the place we were looking for, then we had lunch and we zoomed back as quickly as wheels could turn.'
  11. 'the share index zoomed by about 136 points'
  12. 'Last year, the rocketing demand for high-tech goods sent coltan prices zooming upwards to 146 per pound.'
  13. 'Abel, manager of the fund, began selling off shares as they zoomed towards $70.'
  14. 'Real estate prices too have zoomed, ironically pushed up in the first place by the IT companies themselves.'
  15. 'Kmart has been a rip-snorting stock, zooming from $19.60 to $101.22 in less than a year and a half.'
  16. 'And with the V - 6, automatic and leather seats, the sticker price zooms past $29,000.'
  17. 'Fancier dehydrators, with heat regulators and fans to circulate the air, work faster, but the price can zoom to several hundred dollars for serious preserving tools.'
  18. 'It used to be a truism: cut interest rates to release money into the financial system and watch share prices zoom.'
  19. 'The authorized return fare was 36,000 in September, but prices have zoomed up since that we understand.'
  20. 'Some companies announce a website and the stock price zooms.'
(of a camera) change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.
  1. 'zoom out for a wide view of the garden again'
  2. 'I didn't notice it until the camera zoomed in on it last night.'
  3. 'The camera zooms out again and refocuses on Martin's still frame.'
  4. 'I would have liked to seen the camera zoom out just a bit more, as I feel this would help bring everything into a proper perspective.'
  5. 'The camera slowly zooms in as Paul Martin talks about his father being in Cabinet.'
  6. 'Only occasionally does the camera zoom in for an examination of the actual steps.'
  7. 'Let a camera zoom in on you or let an office worker see you with your gun drawn and your cover will be blown.'
  8. 'The camera continually zips and zooms around the actors, creating a sense of momentum and urgency, even during the rare slow times.'
  9. 'I see the camera zoom into my face, and I see my glowing green eyes.'
  10. 'There was footage of a girl lying on his sofa watching a cartoon and the camcorder again zoomed in on her.'
  11. 'Later, as the townspeople search the lake for the missing wife, there is a striking image of the man's face as the camera gradually zooms in on it as he looks desperately out from the prow of a boat.'
  12. 'On the other hand, the character models are composed of very few polygons and show a lack of detail, especially if the camera is zoomed in.'
  13. 'Ships have the freedom to travel in three dimensions, and the game uses a third-person camera perspective that can be zoomed and rotated around your ship.'
  14. 'The game also allows you to zoom the camera in and out of the action - a cool feature, particularly since the weapons, armor and enemies are all well detailed.'
  15. 'It would, however, benefit the player immensely if the camera were zoomed out a little so the player can have increased situational awareness.'
  16. 'Some of the sex scenes that are left in the movie simply zoom the camera onto one of the character's faces so no nudity is shown.'
  17. 'I zoomed the lens to his face and traced his features, moving the camera swiftly from his perfect hair to his flawless complexion.'
  18. 'Ignoring our concern, she removed her camera from her purse, and zoomed her camera lens as far as she could.'
  19. 'The fifth is an extreme close up of a new leaf - the camera is zoomed in so close you don't see the edges of the leaf.'
  20. 'The people and furnishings look good even if you zoom the camera way in, and there are lots of nice details in the character animations.'


A camera shot that changes smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa.
  1. 'The picture is so rife with close-ups, zooms, and arty silhouette shots that it interferes with the viewer's appreciation of the dance.'
  2. 'The zoom shot and the pull back shot are used effectively in the opening sequence where we seem to fly over Montmartre.'
  3. 'Tracking shots, pans and zooms are carefully controlled, but in his locations we are always aware of a more complex reality outside the frame.'
  4. 'The zoom shots of the Midwest Federal Building show an empty skyline; today the vista is packed with structures.'
  5. 'Handheld cameras and quickfire zooms are Soderbergh's trademark, which means the result is incredibly stylish.'
  6. 'A zoom brackets the shot, indicating a single take.'
  7. 'The successive zooms of the camera alternate with periods of darkness, in which no image appears.'
  8. 'A little more than £100 can still buy you a camera with an optical zoom and in this case, one with a 3x range.'
  9. 'In other words, you can adjust the zoom and camera angle to be as far away or as close up as possible, and as upside down and round about as you like.'
  10. 'Now he's eating a bologna sandwich (the zoom on this camera is really good) and drinking a Bud.'
  11. 'The phones boast a 1.3 megapixels camera, 8x zoom and flash.'
  12. 'This will probably only have a digital zoom rather than an optical zoom and a fairly basic lens.'
  13. 'He popped a cartridge in his camera and readied his zoom as the two men started their sleds.'
  14. 'Apart from digital zoom, this camera even has flash - perfect for taking pictures in dim places, such as during a social gathering at a pub.'
  15. 'The little beach shows boats in a small fishing town (thanks to the zoom on my camera) called Cascara.'
  16. 'It's interesting to note that in recent months other manufacturers have expressed an interest in digital cameras with long zooms.'
  17. 'I look through the eyepiece and I work the zoom manually.'


Used to express sudden fast movement.
  1. 'Everything goes black, until white light flashes and then - zoom!'

More definitions

1. to move quickly or suddenly with a loud humming or buzzing sound: cars zooming by on the freeway.

2. to fly an airplane suddenly and sharply upward at great speed for a short distance, as in regaining altitude, clearing an obstacle, or signaling.

3. Movies, Television. to bring a subject, scene, etc., into closeup or cause it to recede into a long shot using a zoom lens and while maintaining focus.

4. Informal. to increase or rise suddenly and sharply: Rents

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be zoom."

"ops can be zoom."

"buttons can be zoom."


Late 19th century: imitative.